Getting Your Home Ready to Sell with Staging

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    Jan 24, 2013
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Are thinking about selling your home or even getting ready to put it on the market? Real estate sales experts suggest that staged homes spend 83% less time on the market. Investing in home staging is a valuable real estate tool that could mean not only less time on the market, but also a higher selling price for you. But now you may be wondering how to you prepare your home for sale with home staging techniques? You may surprised to learn that it is easier than you may think with these five steps.

1. Get some help from an experienced real estate agent and stager. Even if the process of selling a home is familiar, a real estate agent will undoubtedly provide valuable expertise. He or she will also be able to walk through the entire selling process. A stager will be instrumental in helping you to make the best decisions on how to truly help you identify how to set your home apart in the market.

2. Remove the clutter. This is sometimes the most difficult part of this process. Make certain the house looks as clean and neat as possible. Most statistics indicate that homes get higher purchase prices when they’re clean, neat, and spacious. At the same time, consider removing any personalized touches from the home as it can help potential buyers imagine themselves there.

3. Choose the right furniture to meet your needs. In most cases, buying furniture just to stage your house to sell is less than ideal. Instead, consider the right furniture rental company. Going with a well-known name like Brook Furniture Rental is the best option. With a complete selection and variety of styles of furniture, any home can be staged affordably.

4. Strategically place the furniture. As a final step to prepare the home for sale with home staging, strategically place the furniture after it’s been delivered. Take care not to interrupt the flow of the home or make it look too cluttered with the rented furniture.

5. Let the potential buyers enjoy your home! Once the furniture is placed and the home is de-cluttered, the final step is to start showing the house to potential buyers.

Rental furniture is a great way to stage any home and demand a higher selling price. Staging your home for sale helps to create an emotional effect that helps drive up the sale price and can finally put a ‘sold’ sign in your front yard.


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