Who We Are, And What We Do

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    Jul 22, 2013
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Who We Are, And What We Do Photo by Julie Ashton

Karma Kanvas is one of the leading printers of bespoke Canvas Prints in the UK. We are proud to offer such high quality prints at affordable prices. We don't profess to be the cheapest but we do guarantee consistent quality and have been supplying both trade and public customers since 2006.

Being an innovative company requires a lot of hard work but we love the challenge of staying several steps ahead of our competitors and find it to be a worthwhile effort. The entire printing and framing process is carried out in our Manchester based studio/workshop and we never allow any part of the manufacturing process to be outsourced. As a company we find it important to retain complete control over all aspects of the workflow so that we can keep a watchful eye over each and every canvas from the moment you order it to when our couriers set off to bring it to you.

Karma Kanvas was founded in 2006, it actually all began in a spare bedroom with only a second hand digital canvas printer and a few rolls of the canvas. With these few rolls of canvas we manufactured quality canvas prints from clients own photos and the business started to grow. Within 6 months of trading we had moved into our first unit sized around 1500sq ft.

After only a few months of trading Karma Kanvas realized that there was a higher demand for clients own photos to canvas rather than generic images of places around the world. People like to be surrounded by images of meaning, photos they have taken themselves or portraits of family and friends.
Karma Kanvas produce hundreds of prints a day, and each one is just as important as the next, whether it's for corporate clients or a member of the public the same love and care is put into each and every canvas we produce. It's the foundations we built the company on where quality always comes first.
What makes us different?

Ok, all company's these days claim to be the best, the Number 1 in their market but where do they actually get there facts or these figures from? All Karma Kanvas can say is that we care as much about your canvas as you do. We are a family run business with a genuine passion for quality products with a combined experience range of over 25 years between us in the art, digital print and media market. We have been manufacturing canvas prints for over 6 years and in this time have turned the manufacturing process into an art form itself. Everything we do on a daily basis is done with the customer in mind and our focus is to ensure the customer is always 100% happy with their purchase with a quick and efficient service that screams quality.
Why use us?
Canvas media - we don't use cheap polyester which has plasticky look & feel but we do use 400gsm 100% cotton quality high grade canvas!
Inks - many companies offer cheaper prices by cutting costs on the inks, they not only are inconsistent but also will fade much sooner than Original inks that will last 70 years +, we use Epson Ultra chrome!

Printing - we print at 1440 dpi (Dots per inch) many companies print at 720dpi to save time and money. Printing at a higher ratio gives clarity to your artwork.

Stretcher bars - many companies offer budget bars - which will warp & distort easily - we use Premium European Pine Stretcher Moulding, cut to size and underpinned by hand for a sturdy finish. Where necessary we also insert cross braces to support the frame, at no extra cost.
Canvas varnish - consistently ignored by most companies, it is the only way to create a product which will last and not get damaged easily; we varnish all our canvases by hand at no extra cost!

Color calibration - a vital part of the process to make sure your images are reproduced in the best possible way.
Canvas back - all our canvases are neatly hand finished on the back, with backing tape and hangers so ready to hang at no extra cost.
Quality Checked - each Photo Canvas gets quality checked during print, assembly, and dispatch to ensure your specifications are met every time.
In a nutshell if you want a quality canvas then look no further you have come to the right place!
Let's get started!

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