Bring Life To Your Lanai With Exquisite Patio Blinds

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    Apr 21, 2013
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Perhaps it has always been your dream to have a lanai added to your house which you can use as a sun room, an office or simply a second living room. You have planned it very carefully and purchased some beautiful furniture and plants but there is still something lacking. The answer is patio blinds, you can bring life to your lanai with exquisite patio blinds.

If you have a lot of sun coming through your lanai windows light-filtering shade blinds give you a good combination of function and form and they come in a wide selection of colors from neutrals to pastels. They are made of spun lace fabrics which are really soft to touch. The benefit of this type of lanai blind is they filter in natural light without invading your privacy and they also provide excellent insulation.

Blinds are far better than curtains for a lanai as they can get damp from water or condensation that occasionally comes from the windows. Most blinds are made-to-measure and they will make all the difference but you should avoid the PVC waterproof patio blinds as they will look cheap, which they are and you are aiming to add affordable luxury to adorn this beautiful extra room.

You can get some exquisite patio blinds and roller blinds are always an asset for a lanai as they stop the sun from shining directly into your eyes without blacking out the entire room as you can set them at any height you want.

Roller blinds come in a variety of colors from bright red and orange to contemporary patterns and you can also get them in suede and leather. If your lanai furniture has floral-patterned covers it is best to avoid floral-patterned blinds as they would just be too much. It is best to choose a plain color that blends nicely with a color in the covers.

Slatted blinds last a long time and are very practical and you can get some really high quality wooden blinds in a range of colors. These include

. Alabaster

. Alpine white

. Antique pine

. Aqua or arctic blue

. Burnished maple

. Cherry

. Golden Oak

. Jade Green

. Walnut

Wooden blinds look better than the aluminium or plastic venetian blinds which attract dust, especially when the sun shines, and the wooden blinds are more durable.

Woven blinds are a great idea for a lanai as they look exquisite and can be matched or co-ordinated with the laniai finish or your furniture. These are always made to measure and come in a variety of designs and colors. These blinds are unusual because of the way they are made, they are created with veneers and reeds of wood which are woven together with wood weaves.

Nothing looks nicer than a lanai with great furniture and cushions and once it is finished you will find you spend most of your time in there as you can get come attractive patio heaters for the winter. But you can really bring life to your lanai with exquisite patio blinds and if you want to create a Victorian atmosphere then you should definitely go for the woven blinds.


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