Protecting Your Home From Hurricanes

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    Jan 22, 2014
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Protecting Your Home From Hurricanes Photo by Sweetblinds Houston

With the rise of global warming, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters like hurricanes, too, has gained positively. In fact, for us, the humans, it is something negative, which we should worry about.

What Are Hurricanes

Hurricanes, technically and geologically, are tropical cyclones that are far worse than storms and heavy winds. In some parts of the world, it is also termed as typhoon. According to meteorologists, hurricanes are the ways of nature to bring itself to normal. Whenever, there is something abnormal in the nature, storms and rains happen, to clean up the irregularities of the climate. The force of such meteorological calamities depends on the caused irregularities. Hurricanes get their energy from warm air-water and the surface of the ocean. It is also said that whenever, the temperature of the weather increases, the chances of a storms also go up. Tropical storms cause hazardous conditions and loss of infrastructure and life. Houses, vehicles, and infrastructure face a heavy thrashing due to storms.

Protecting Your Homes from Hurricanes

Although, science has progressed to most advanced form, yet it has no suggestions to evade hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, NASA and meteorological department successfully prophesy the time and intensity of the storm, but they can not stop it to happen. By following their forecast, you can save your life. Governments set up their shelter camps during such catastrophes; you can take shelter in that also.

Nowadays, some architects and developers have claimed to master the art of making hurricane-proof homes, you can also consider moving into such places. Given below are a few measures, going after which you can protect your house and its shape, from the calamities brought in by hurricanes –

Do not harm the nature –

The need of the hour is to not to harm the nature, in any condition. If you will protect the nature, it will also step forward to not to tarnish you and your property. Science also says that the biggest reason behind the increased frequency of storms is global warming, and the most prevalent reason after the global warming is we, the humans. Greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, and industrialization and so on things are causing the GW. The recent Polar Freeze too was the side effects of global warming. We need to understand the tragic clauses of it, and must take actions that do not harm the Mother Nature.

Use protective accessories –

Some companies have invented protective shields for your house, which, according to them, guard your house during hurricanes. By getting hurricane window shutters and blinds, you can give a defensive screen to your house. These whirlwind fortification accessories are made up of strong materials and are fixed to the exteriors of your house. They do not let the storm wind let into your house.

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