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    Sep 05, 2012
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People in these days are running out of options and are getting bankrupt. They cannot afford to keep up with their family needs daily. This includes food, shelter, basic needs, and family time. What is the reason for this. MONEY! Money makes us all crazy and mad. We need this item to almost do anything. We need it to buy our basic needs for a family. But in this economy, money is one of the hardest things to earn without lots of trouble. That is why I am creating this article about some ways you can make money online and in the street.

1. Basic Lemonade Stand- We all know that lemonade stands are old fashion, but well guess what, we need the money, so why not? You can start your lemonade stand with kids and other family members on weekends for an extra 40-50 bucks per week. This will really help you out either on rent, or food.

2. Garage Sale- You may have some old junk lying around your house such as clothes, jewelery, old toys, and maybe some antiques, that are worth nothing to you. So you can put up a garage sale and sell them for a cheap price. Hey, you know what they say, your junk is treasure to someone else. Everyone finds something good in a garage sale. In your garage sale, keep a bake sale also, to make a few extra bucks while customers are there.

3. Ebay- While you may not find a garage sale helpful, why not use ebay. Many people, infact thousands will see your item up for sale. Sell those junk items on ebay and make about $20 extra a day. If you want, you can just buy and sell. Buy it for low, then sell it for high. If you can get this, get big orders and sell more. This may add up and get you a couple hundred extra a month.

4. Services- In the winter, or fall, when it snows, you can shovel the snow and when it is time for leaves to fall, you can rake. Last year, raking made me $20 a yard for a medium sized yard. I raked over 6 yards a day, so thinking about buying a $10 rake, and making $120 a day, how much profit is that? $110.

Using all these things, you can rack up a couple hundred per month to help pay for your rent. 

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