Top Two PPC Marketting Sites Other Than Google Adsense Which Pay with High PPC and PPM

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    Sep 04, 2012
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There are many PPC marketing blogs available to promote your blog. Many of you are trying to get approved at Adsense PPC Marketing blogs. It is so very hard to get approved from Google Adsense. So your hard works on blogs are wasting so far. Why you must use Adsense PPC marketing blogs only to make money with your blogs? You may use PPC marketing blogs i listed below. They are Chitika, Clicksor and Kontera. Yes, they pay many people as high PPC marketing blogs. Do you also like to get paid from them? Kontera is different from these blogs. It makes text related links on your blogs and pays you if visitors click in it. Chitika and Clicksor are usual to PPC marketing blogs.

All of those PPC marketing blogs are generating high PPC related ads on your blogs. So visitors mostly click it, you will earn huge amount of money with few clicks from them. It is pay bit less than Adsense. But, why you waste your traffic and time until Adsense approve your blog.You can monetize with the PPC marketing blogs after you get approved from Adsense too. Adsense accept the PPC blogs to monetize with it.It is also most useful to you, if your Adsense account disabled. Kontera is the special PPC marketing blogs to make money with your traffic. You have more chances to get clicks from Readers while they read.

I tried those PPC marketing blogs for few months with my blog which gets 2000 visitors daily. I earned 311$ from Kontera, 282$ from Chitika and 227$ from Clicksor in last month. These are very pretty months to me. So i share my experiences and those unknown PPC marketing blogs with you. Try those PPC marketing blogs to make money from now. Happy blogging!

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