Whats Special about Craft Beers?

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    Jan 05, 2013
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Craft beer is generally known as boutique beer and these beer styles are becoming increasingly popular as people are opting for fresher alternatives to the commercial beer that is produced every year in the major breweries. Craft beers are produced in a micro brewery by a craft brewer that has a limited production rate of beer. These breweries are known for their uniqueness and innovation. Fro, oysters to fruit, craft brewers are experimenting with a range of ingredients beyond hops malt water and yeast.

Australia has recorded a sudden surge of microbreweries, and while beer consumption has reduced slightly overall, the craft beer market has grown steadily in the last five to ten years.

Craft beers are commonly found in pubs and restaurants and are gradually taking market share from the different kinds of commercial beers. This is because of the better quality of the beer which people are willing to afford. The difference between craft and commercial beer is that commercial beers are generally “made for the masses” with a taste and aroma that is virtually non-existent. Craft beers are usually well marketed with beers telling a story and a flash label and more information about the ingredients and style of the beer for those interesting in learning more about beer and brewing. This increases the appeal of the beer to the modern consumer.

A lot of people have opted for home brewing as it gives them a source to obtain better quality beers. Home brew kits make it easy to brew beers similar to your favorite boutique beers, or for experimentation. The benefit of home brewing is that it gives you complete regulation on how the beer is fermented and brewed. This also helps you control the flavors and other important factors.

Brewing craft beer is sometimes considered labor intensive, but eventually moving from bottling to kegging as your skills improve will save hours of bottle washing – the main time consuming part of brewing extract home brew recipes. For those who are yet to take the plunge from commercial to craft beer, prepare to open a whole new world of flavor. You can just visit a pub and check out some variants of craft beers that they have. You may even purchase a selection of beers from different styles and see which you prefer. The different kinds of craft beers you’ll discover are sure to impress compared to commercial beers.

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Find a brewery nearby and enjoy some craft beer. If the breweries are too far away, look for a local pub serving craft beer.

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