Better Bathroom Feng Shui

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    Apr 02, 2013
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Less Shiteous Bathroom
Less Shiteous Bathroom
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When it comes to creating better feng shui to help your finances, no other area of your house is as important as your bathroom. In feng shui, water is often equated to wealth and appropriately the flow of it into and out of your life. The bathroom is the room that is most associated with the element of water. There are a variety of tips that you can use both big and small, to help improve the flow of energy in your home.

The Bath

Your bath is supposed to be an area of elegance. You should use this space to submerse yourself in cleansing water that will help rejuvenate your energy and boost your aura. Keep this area as clean and clutter free as possible. Update your bathtub if it is out of date or too small. This is something that should be on your list of priorities.

Because balancing your energy is so vital to your well-being you don’t want to be crammed into a tiny tub. You need the space to relax and rejuvenate. Adding a separate stand alone shower enclosure with a sliding door can help give you a separate space for when you need a quick shower. Also it is wise to use the separate shower as a space to cleanse and prepare yourself for a meditative bath.

Keep the Light Bright

One cannot stress enough the importance of light. Your bathroom should be as well-lit as possible. Install illuminated cabinets where applicable to help prevent dark shadowed areas from taking over. A well-lit bathroom is going to help keep the energy open and flowing.

Do your best to keep windows open when the weather is permissible. If this is not an option be sure to provide yourself with ample lighting that is in the natural spectrum. You may not want to always have the lighting on full blast when you are relaxing in the tub but you do need to have adequate lighting for when you are at the sink preparing for your day.

The Biggest Feng Shui Enemy

Your toilet is one of the biggest culprits to losing financial feng shui. For starters always keep the toilet closed when not in use. Because this is an open area of water, energy can easily travel right down the drain and out of your home. You want to collect as much financial feng shui as possible, not flush it away. Keep the lid down.

Along with the lid you want to do your best to take the focus away from the toilet area of your bathroom. You can use bathroom fixtures such as plants, panels, or even curtains to accomplish this. However you go about it, you want to bring the feng shui focus back to a bright, clean and organised bathroom.

Remember this area should be all about refreshing and cleansing. You can’t do that if you don’t have enough space or if the area is cluttered with dirty clothes and towels.

The bathroom is one of the most critical areas for cultivating better financial feng shui. Use bathroom furniture along with keeping a clean space to help you build a better feng shui environment and there are many places where you can purchase this online.

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