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    Dec 28, 2012
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Every pest, whether it is an animal or an insect, will come into human territory at some point. But, when this territory includes your home, it is no longer acceptable to us. Pests get into our homes because somewhere they have discovered a place for shelter, water and of course food.

Pests like our homes for the same reasons we do, they tend to be cooler during hot summer days and warmer during cooler winter months. Animals and insects are vulnerable to these temperature changes too. In the wild they manage for themselves. But if they spot a leaky pipe and a gap in a garbage bag one day, they may want to stick around. If they discover a hiding place underneath your porch, then they may very well decide to take up residence.

There are steps you can take to help prevent pest infestations, but when they aren’t enough you need to turn to professionals who know how to find pests and clear them out.

Making Your Home Unfit for Pests

Once you know what animals and insects need in order to survive in or around your home, you need to make sure you remove these enticements so they will leave or stay away entirely.

- Remove any food sources. This means thoroughly cleaning up spills and messes in the kitchen and dining room area so pests have nothing to sneak into at night. Make sure lids are on tightly and, if necessary, transfer certain foods into airtight jars, such as flour and sugar. Make certain that trash bags are inside of a secure trash bin that animals can’t get into.

- Clear away debris from your home. This can include firewood stacked against the side of your house to too much mulch piled in certain areas. Making these areas drier and more sunlit can help remove moisture and hiding places for animals.

- Find any cracks or openings and seal them. Creatures can sneak in through holes in walls or near floor level, cracks, vent openings, or pipes. They may find a home in some of these in-between places too, which can be hard for a human to reach to get them out.

- Stopper up water sources. Does your water heater drip? Do you have any leaking pipes? Any standing water near your home? All of these can encourage pests to gather and multiply. Taking them out of the equation forces insects and animals to seek a water source elsewhere.

Still Having Problems?

When you have tried everything and you still find yourself with an infestation or pack of raccoons living under your porch, then it’s time to call in the professionals. They can offer you additional tips on how to keep your home pest free, as well as do an assessment of the current situation. Once they know what they are dealing with they can appraise you of all the different routes they may be interested in taking in order to remove the pests from your home.

You may want to seriously consider an environmentally responsible pest control company for your West Palm Beach home. That means they use green products that are safe for the environment and for you. Eco-friendly practices are also incorporated into their routines so that the job is done safely and thoroughly.

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