Shower Enclosures that Make the Most of the Space in Your Bathroom

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    Mar 12, 2013
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Shower | No. 2
Shower | No. 2
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For most of us, a shower is the preferred way of washing away the dirt and grime that our bodies accumulate. They are quick and easy to use which makes them ideal for people with a busy schedule and they are also very economical. Another great advantage of a shower is that it will take up relatively little space so all households should be able to have one. Depending on just how much space you do have available in your bathroom, you will find that some shower enclosures help you take full advantage of the space available to you, and in this day and age you can get a lot of advice from retailers online.

Wet Room

If you have enough space in your bathroom then you might want to choose a wet room, which is basically a shower that is not fully enclosed, although there are still some panels that help to keep the spread of water under control. The wet room can also be a way of making the most of space when there is not enough room to have a door that opens outwards. For whichever reason you might be thinking of a wet room, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice.


Some bathrooms may have a recess that goes more or less unused, and these could be the ideal place to have a shower. Some shower enclosures are designed specifically for the purpose of closing off a recess to keep water contained while at the same time making the most of every inch of space available. Enclosures designed with a swivel panel to help keep the water contained can be ideal for the purpose of making the most of recesses.

Sliding Doors

Bathrooms are often among the smallest of rooms in the home, leaving little space for doors to be opened. The problem of not having space to open hinged doors can be solved by having sliding doors instead as no additional space is needed. The sliding mechanism is also extremely simple to use making it easy for you to get in and out of the shower at will. If you do want to have a shower installed in a bathroom where space is very tight, shower enclosures with sliding doors could be the answer to your prayers.

The Shower Curtain

If space is so tight that there is simply just not enough room then if you have a bath already, all is not lost. It is easy to install a shower unit above a bath so it will occupy the same space as the tub. This means you can have a shower when you are in a rush and still enjoy a long soak in the bath when you feel like it. This makes the shower curtain a commonly found item even in modern bathroom furniture.

With our busy schedules it is important that we have a place where we can relax and hide from the stresses of life. Therefore, by installing beautiful shower enclosures will ensure that you are encased in a bubble where you can de-stress and freshen-up.


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