Making the Most Out of your Bathroom Refurbishment!

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    Feb 13, 2013
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A beautiful bathroom
A beautiful bathroom
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There is always a large variety of considerations as well as choices that need to be made whenever we are in the process of giving a face lift to our bathroom, from decisions as simple as whether to have the shower placed above our bath, or where to install your choice of bristan showers and freestanding bathroom furniture.

None of these decisions need to be a chore however, as long as you put the time in to do some research. If you ever find yourself in bathroom refurbishment mode, which most of you will at some point in your lifetime, there are some things you should remember.

Keep it as Simple as Possible!

This may appear to be fairly obvious; however, keeping your renovation simple will not only make the whole job easier but it will also make it far cheaper too. Do you really need to up root the sink and bath tub to be put on the other side? That is the sort of job that will cost money, as you will have to have all of your plumbing re-routed by a professional plumber.

Stay Neutral!

We all have different tastes with some of ours more eclectic than the next; however that quirky and colourful bathroom that you have in mind might end up being something you hate a couple of years later.

We know what it is like when viewing homes and then being completely put off by just the one room, so if you wish to sell up later in life, keep this in mind.

Additionally, if you ever plan to sell your home, you could end up putting potential buyers right off. Keep to a classic style, and keep your funky styles for pieces of furniture that can be easily replaced such as mirrors or rugs.

Put in Plenty of Storage Options!

What is the smallest room in most households? That’s right, the bathroom. For that very reason, it is important that you make sure you have enough bathroom furniture storage. In fact many bathroom suites these days come with clever and hidden storage options built in.

One example would be sinks that come equipped with drawers built directly beneath them; another would be to make use of those hanging cabinets that have a mirror on the doors, which is making double use of the same space.

Your Floors and Your Walls!

Any bathroom refurbishment would not be complete with the floors and walls at least having been looked at. You will have plenty of options, such fitting a new floor or perhaps putting some tiles up on the walls. You could also save on money by only using tiles around the wash basin and bathtub, or possibly even just use waterproof paint instead.

You are then ready to choose the types of fittings you want and concentrate on what finishing touches to add to your designer bathroom suite. These small additions can really be the difference between an ordinary bathroom and one that is full of style.

To make the most of a bathroom refurbishment, ensure you choose colours and fittings that are simple, neutral and that work well together. There is a great variety of Bristan showers and bathroom furniture online to allow you to mix and match when creating the perfect minimalist space.

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