Sell Your Bathroom, Sell Your Home

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    Mar 13, 2013
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During the current economic climate, selling our home has become an extremely difficult thing to do. Families have been feeling the pinch for some time; banks are being far more selective when handing out mortgages and the uncertainty in the job market has made many of us nervous about committing to any substantial investments.

So for those of us that want to up sticks and move to a new property, we face a tough task of finding potential buyers for our current homes. Though it can be difficult, there are some tips that you can take note of that will give you the best possible chance and you can find more help from online retailers.

Timing is Key Whilst Knowing Your Target Buyer also helps

You need to work out just what your target market is. What type of person is going to be the most likely to want your home? Once you have established your target market, you should make sure that your home is specifically tailored for that market. What you should be careful of though, is completely alienating any other market, so you need to make sure you do not go too far when targeting a specific market.

With regards to the timing of you placing your home up for sale, the beginning of both spring and summer is when the demand for new homes is at its greatest.

Clear the Clutter and Make Your Home less Personal

Any potential buying will be looking at homes and will want to imagine themselves living there. So your home has to be less about you and your personal tastes, so you need to pack up anything that is even the slightest bit personal.

In fact you should be clearing practically everything out, which includes appliances, furniture and freestanding bathroom furniture and leaving the place looking fresh and clutter free.

Give the Place a Fresh New Look

Sometimes you might have to make an investment in order to get the sale that you are after. This means giving the place a fresh coat of paint, or perhaps even going as installing modern bathroom suites and some modern carron baths into your homes.

A fresh looking bathroom could literally be that difference between you making a sale or not, so for a little bit of investment you could soon be moving to your very own new home.

Get Three Independent Valuations

When we want to know the value of our homes, we will usually go to an estate agent who will take a look around and give you his opinion. However, to be sure, get three different agents and three different valuations. This will not only allow you to gauge the true value of your property but also to allow you to come up with a price that you feel is fair.

When selling your home, it is vital that your bathroom looks fresh and new, not cluttered and lacking in space. Therefore installing stylish vanity units, furniture and carron baths can really raise the profile of a once dreary bathroom space.

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