Electric Heating - Because Not All Homes Have Gas

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    Apr 09, 2014
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Electric Heating - Because Not All Homes Have Gas Photo by Colin Armstrong

For the majority of homeowners in the UK, connection to the main gas grid is something that is taken for granted. Moreover, where gas is available, wet system central heating generally follows. However, what about the homes and people that do not have access to mains gas - what do they do?

According to the government, small modern properties are the least likely to have a gas connection and statistics show that 41 per cent of purpose built flats and 31 per cent of converted flats have no gas meter. And it's not just flats without gas; a significant percentage of bungalows and detached houses are without a gas supply, while around 10 per cent of semi-detached, end and mid-terrace houses in the UK are also off the gas grid. Fortunately, not having a gas supply does not mean not having heating and, if you are considering moving into a property without a gas meter, electric heating is the perfect solution.

Electric Heaters

Electric heating is most commonly associated with storage heaters that can be plugged in to provide heat when you need it. These storage heaters are still very useful in heating homes; however, more comprehensive digital panel heaters, which allow heating to be controlled via a built-in thermostat and control panel, are slowly becoming more popular.

Homeowners that prefer the conventional look of 'wet' system radiators can also benefit from electric heating thanks to Electrical Heating Supplies' range of plug-in radiators. These are designed to look and perform in the same way as traditional water-circulating radiators and are available in a wide range of size and power output options to accommodate any room in a property.

Electric boilers

Electric and digital radiators are brilliant at providing the heat you need, but what about hot water for showering? That problem is solved by the EHS range of electric boilers. Using the same wiring as an electric shower, these boilers require none of the pipework of a gas central heating system installation (standard radiators and valves can be used if required), run more efficiently, and emit none of the noxious fumes that are common with gas.

Electric boilers come in a range of options to suit your heating/water and space needs, they are also cheaper to buy and can be fitted much quicker than their gas counterparts.

Do not let a lack of a gas supply put you off moving into a home, visit our site today and go electric.

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