A Good Bathroom Cabinet Can Relieve Stress

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    Mar 27, 2013
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Williams Bathroom in Holland Michigan Designed by Laura McCranner
Williams Bathroom in Holland Michigan Designed by Laura McCranner
Photo by williamskitchenbath

When decorating any room the first thing you should consider is the size. How much space can be allocated for additional furniture? It would be advisable to use a tape measure to find out exactly what specs you will be working with before even browsing potential purchases. The spatial limitations of rooms are especially important if the room is small and cramped, meaning that bathrooms in particular require the most planning. Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in any home, which is quite at odds with the fact that they can be the busiest! Few other rooms in the house get used with the frequency as the bathroom, with every family member and any guests making their way in and out multiple times a day. This can make for stressful situations when you are in a hurry, meaning that any potential delays caused from the arrangement of your bathroom can be damaging to the efficiency of your bathroom’s switch-around use. Ensuring that you have the furniture arranged in a time efficient way becomes imperative for a quick turnaround of family members and guests. We don’t want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in the bathroom, with this being especially true when there is a seemingly ever-growing line outside the door, banging to be let in!

The School Run Nightmare

The morning rush can be absolutely exhausting and time consuming, which really is not ideal when everyone in the house has to rush off for school/work/college. This means that getting people in and out as quickly as possible is a must in order to smoothly operate (not to mention keep shouting down to a minimum!).

A generously sized bathroom cabinet with a shelf for each family member can immeasurably speed up the process of getting everyone cleaned and ready, making the turnover time much more efficient. Arranging your shelving so that each family member has a designated shelf to store all their bathroom accessories should help to speed up the process and stop them blaming anyone else if hair gel happens to go missing!

Themes and Colour

Choosing the right style of bathroom furniture for your bathroom theme should be the next thing to tick off your checklist when planning your shopping list, as though size is obviously important, you do not want an item in your bathroom which looks completely out of place with your colour scheme, sink and bath. Many people choose bathroom cabinets with a mirror attached to the front in order to assist in personal grooming, while illuminated cabinets are also available for a stylish contemporary option. An adequate storage space for all your bathroom needs is essential for guaranteeing maximum efficiency – you don’t want to be keeping the harmful bleach substances alongside the shampoo, so make sure there are set containers for everything you need!

Your bathroom should be the perfect space for you to relax and forget the worries of day-to-day life. By introducing calming colours and installing stylish bathroom furniture you can create your very own paradise.

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