TRT: Should You Consider It?

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    Feb 22, 2013
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TRT: Should You Consider It? Photo by John Andrews

TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy. Some see testosterone as some kind of drug that helps build muscle, get rid of fatigue and even improve libido. They call it a fountain of youth. In TRT, men receive testosterone from an outside source—injections, pills, patches, gels and such. But what many people are prone to forget it that testosterone is not just any drug. It is a hormone. It’s a very powerful hormone that your body produces in definite amounts to keep all the machinery in balance. We all know what happens when one part of your car engine stops functioning the way it should just a little bit. And yet we know that every car is different. In the same way, every man is different and we really do not know what the long term effects of tinkering with the body’s hormonal balance will be.

So if at all TRT is an option, whom is it an option for?
According to Men’s Journal onlineit is safer at least for now if TRT is reserved for men who are diagnosed with low testosterone levels and are unable to improve their testosterone levels by any other means. So two questions arise:

How would you know if your testosterone levels are low?
In a blood test for testosterone levels, if your levels are below 300 ng/dL, then they are too low and might have a condition called hypogonadism as well. There can be several reasons for low testosterone but one of the primary culprits is age.
Without even a blood test, you will see some evidence of low testosterone levels if your levels are low over a period of time. Here are some of those signs that you can keep an eye out for.
• Tiredness
• Low Libido
• Depression
• Osteoporosis
• Loss of Muscle
Those are the top 5 but there are others. If you see these signs, get a blood test to check testosterone levels because they might be under the minimum requirement.

What steps can you take to improve levels of testosterone before trying TRT?
This might come as a surprise but there are many natural ways to boost testosterone levels without actually supplying testosterone from an outside source. Here are some standard tips:
1. Lose weight: Being overweight hinders the body’s natural testosterone levels. Fat cells convert testosterone into estrogen, lowering the actual testosterone count.
2. Eat a good amount of high-cholesterol foods: Unless you have a heart condition and have been advised not to, eating lean meats is a great way to boost testosterone levels because cholesterol is a building block for testosterone in the body.
3. Natural supplements: Natural supplements like Ageless Male contain various naturally derived substances that increase the body’s testosterone production. If you read Ageless Male supplement reviews, you’ll find that it contains extract from the Fenugreek seed that has been effective for many men. The side-effects of these supplements are minimal when compared to TRT.
After all these methods have been adequately pursued, then Testosterone Replacement Therapy should be considered under a physician’s care.

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