Male Menopause - Fact or Fiction

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    May 30, 2013
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Male Menopause - Fact or Fiction Photo by John Andrews

Hot flashes, irritability, and a falling sex drive aren’t just for women. Men also go through a phase that closely resembles menopause. Yes, male menopause does exist. It’s caused by the gradual decline of the male hormone testosterone, typically at the rate of 1% every year. Also known by other phrases such as testosterone deficiency and andropause, it usually affects middle-aged men and can result in physical and emotional changes.

What exactly are the signs of male menopause? If you’re over 40 and experiencing any of the symptoms below, there’s a good chances your testosterone levels are on the decline.
• Reduced sexual desire
• Impotence
• Extending waistline
• Brittle bones
• Loss of muscle strength
• Difficulty in concentration
• Increasing lethargy
• Depression and crankiness
• Foggy memory

Male menopause is a very real thing but is usually not taken very seriously because it’s not as well-defined or well-documented as female menopause. The other reason could be that men feel embarrassed to talk about declining testosterone levels, even to their partners and doctors.

One of the best ways to overcome male menopause is hormone replacement therapy. It’s available in the form of intramuscular injections, gels, patches, and pills. Ageless Male supplement is a great example of oral pills containing fenugreek seed extract as the primary ingredient, along with zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. This powerful combination triggers the release of freely circulating testosterone in the blood, thereby warding off male menopause. Supplement reviews of Ageless Male claim that the product has helped hundreds of men recover from the debilitating side effects of testosterone deficiency and feel young again.

But remember that supplements should be used just as the name suggests! The best way to overcome male menopause is to eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and high in protein and good fats, followed by regular physical activity. Vigorous exercise, which includes high intensity interval training and weightlifting improves body composition, builds muscles, and raises testosterone levels. Other things to keep in mind: give up excess alcohol abuse, quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight, get plenty of rest, and reduce stress.

At the same time, men who have always followed a healthy diet and exercise pattern may not fall prey to male menopause. This doesn’t mean that they will not experience declining testosterone levels, but if they’re in the prime of their health, their bodies will adapt to this hormonal imbalance quickly and easily. And for the others, don’t let yourself suffer from testosterone deficiency. Don’t be afraid to seek help from a doctor. Male menopause does exist; but it’s a highly treatable condition. Make a promise to yourself to eat smart, work out diligently, have a positive and cheerful outlook toward life, and you certainly won’t be complaining about poor testosterone levels or male menopause in your middle age!

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Ageless Male supplement has fenugreek as one it's main ingredients which is said to be an age old remedy to boost testosterone levels. Supplement reviews of Ageless Male cite that many men have benefited from this supplement.

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