What Causes Male Menopause

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    Apr 03, 2013
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What Causes Male Menopause Photo by John Andrews

You’re over 50, and in the last few days you’ve been feeling unusually listless, deprived of energy, gained a few pounds, and find that the passion in your relationship has lost its sizzle. Is it the proverbial midlife crisis? Doctors say a lot of men over the age of 40 are going through these changes, and completely unaware what might be causing them, mostly attributing it to the fact that age has caught up with them. But the truth is this phase, referred to as male menopause, finds its root in hormonal imbalance, mainly a decline in testosterone levels which affects a man once he crosses 40.

Testosterone is a highly important male hormone directly influencing factors such as muscle mass, sex drive, metabolism, sleep, weight gain, bone density, etc. The production of testosterone reaches its peak during puberty and adolescence, and gradually begins to dwindle down as a man grows older. The reason behind this decline is advancing age, though scientists now speculate that unhealthy habits may accelerate this decline. When testosterone declines, some men experience a range of undesirable effects such as:
• Diminishing libido
• Inability to achieve erection
• Weak bones because of decrease in bone mineral density
• Flabby muscles
• Low energy levels
• Weight gain
• Sleepless nights
• Crankiness and mood swings
• Lack of concentration
• Ageneral feeling of sluggishness

All these symptoms are referred to as male menopause. Other names include andropause, testosterone deficiency, and late onset hypogonadism. Testosterone begins to decline at the rate of 1% every year as a man nears 40. But not every man experiences all of these symptoms. Some men who lead a smart way of life may not fall prey to the debilitating effects of male menopause. But those who display poor eating habits, are often tensed, and don’t work out are more likely to suffer from male menopause. There’s nothing you can do to stop your body from producing less testosterone; it’s a natural process. But here’s what you can do keep the effects of low testosterone or male menopause at bay:
• Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, fatty fish, and whole grain cereals are not just testosterone-friendly, but also good for cardiovascular health.
• Work out like a man! Exercise is great for the body; it beefs up the muscles, aids in weight loss, increases immunity against diseases and hikes testosterone levels.
• A supplement like Ageless Male supplement has worked wonders for men going through male menopause. It’s scientifically formulated to raise testosterone production. It contains fenugreek seed extract, zinc, and vitamin B6 which are important for optimum male health.

Male menopause can be frustrating. It’s important for men to educate themselves on how to best overcome the effects of low testosterone. Reading Ageless Male testimonials can be of great help in such a case. Don’t hesitate to take help from a doctor because anxiety and frustration have a damaging effect on quality of life. Take charge of your life and don’t allow testosterone deficiency to get in the way of your happiness!

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