Yoga: The Philosophy Behind the Apparel, Yoga: The Heat Is On!

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    Apr 09, 2014
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Yoga: The Philosophy Behind the Apparel, Yoga: The Heat Is On! Photo by Virat Thakur

For many women, yoga is not just a way to keep fit and maintain a spiritual and mental balance, but also a way of life. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and has always been considered a way to bring solace to the core – body and soul. Women that practice yoga have said that they feel whole in all of these areas and it is no incident that its practice has gained considerable attention the past few years. As more and more people, particularly women, begin to attend yoga studios, more companies are answering the call to provide clothing, information, and additional support to their efforts.

The practice of yoga has been a tremendous help to others, instilling a sense of balance and power in their bodies and lives as a whole. At Cozy Orange, not only are they the designers of amazing yoga apparel for women, but they also provide a wealth of assistance for women that come to their site for the latest in informative perspectives about the practice worldwide. Armed with this knowledge, they have a line of clothing that is as comfortable as it is supportive.

Cozy Orange offers a range of tops that include yoga tank tops, sleeved tops, sports bras, and jackets. Their collection features the mystical signs of the zodiac. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, led the brand to design their Aries Long Sleeve Top. Available in Optic White, Raven Black, and Frost Gray, this is one of Cozy Orange’s most popular tops. It features an inlayed Cozy Mesh fabric for added breathability and the contouring it provides flatters any woman’s physique. For a pre or post yoga session, this is womens yoga clothing at its finest.

When it comes to needed support, Cozy Orange has listened to its consumers, who have helped them to design a line of sports bras that not only provide the added support necessary during an intense workout, but are also stylist enough to be worn outside of the yoga studio and out for a pre or post workout warm-up jogging session. Their Pisces Sports Bra is available in  Optic White and Raven Black and Dusky Violet This bra provides the support an active woman needs: inlayed with Airy Mesh fabric with removable inserts, it effectively protects as well as flatters during a workout.

Cozy Orange doesn’t stop there. In keeping with their Zodiac theme, they also offer their Celestial Jacket, available in Heather Rose and Heather Gray. A versatile piece, the jacket features a hood and a wrap-tie jacket design, perfect for lounging before or after a workout. The deep side pockets are perfect for storing personal items and the contoured seams are chafe-free. With such an excellent line of yoga apparel for women, it is easy to see why Cozy Orange has maintained its place in the industry as a true women’s  yoga clothing  line that listens to their customers.
If you love hot yoga, you know what you wear can make or break your experience. Cozy Orange is one of the industry leaders in the yoga apparel market and produces a line for women that appeals to their fashion sense and delivers in functionality. Cozy Orange offers great yoga clothing at affordable prices for all types of heated yoga classes..

Hot Yoga Tips

One of the most important things you need to know about hot yoga sessions is that you're definitely going to feel the burn during the intense moves and with the heat, so you should definitely be in the most comfortable yoga clothing possible. At Cozy Orange, they have yoga shorts and tank tops that provide support and also allow your body to cool off as much as possible during a session. Their yoga apparel is known for its modern design and it casual chic look. Once you finish a session, you will find that you feel totally comfortable wearing your yoga apparel throughout the day. The more you begin to work out, the more experience you will have with yoga clothing and what works best for you during your routine. Their website has all of the latest yoga apparel they offer, as well as featured articles that discuss how to get the most from a hot yoga workout.

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