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    Jul 11, 2014
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There is an eternal debate in bodybuilding supplementation on whether to listen to scientific data and medical studies, or the bodybuilding pros with tried and true methods experimenting on what works for them first hand. With Jim Stoppani however, you can listen to both. Being a Ph.D. and researcher for scientific institutions has given him a unique insight on what works for his own workout routines.

But does the science really back it up? Let's find out.
Pre-Workout Protein

Jim Stoppani has been advocating for consuming protein both before and after each workout. Furthermore, he also advocates a mix of protein between fast acting whey protein, and the slow digesting casein protein. This approach has often drawn some criticism from certain sectors, who often insist the type of protein is irrelevant and the best approach was a` simple scoop of whey after every workout.

However, the latest research seems to confirm Jim Stoppani's method of advocating a blend of protein types. Researchers at Baylor University and the Mayo Clinic both independently confirmed that groups taking the whey/casein blend demonstrated greater muscle growth than control groups or groups taking just whey alone.

Pre-Workout Creatine
Jim Stoppani has also advocated taking creatine both pre-workout for more muscle power, and post-workout for recovery. This was also highly disputed by some trainers who stated that the time of day you consume your creatine didn't matter, or that it was best to consume entirely after your workout. The latter view has been bolstered by a 2013 JISSN study showing that creatine usage post workout had a demonstrative effect versus taking creatine pre-workout. So many trainers have now adopted the strict "post-workout" view of creatine that is often repeated throughout the fitness industry.

The problem: the study never tested groups taking creatine both pre-workout and post-workout. Further, its conclusions merely showed that there was no difference in muscle strength between either of the groups, but instead magnified some other statistics with the qualifier that post-workout could "possibly" be more beneficial.

So there isn't a lot of scientific consensus right now on whether to take it pre-workout or post-workout. But Jim Stoppani is still advocating the approach of adding creatine to both your pre-workout and post-work supplements, and this method can easily be seen to derive benefits from both. Jim Stoppani's pre-workout mix Pre JYM and the recovery supplement Post JYM both contain creatine HCL. So when taken together, you're getting your daily fix of creatine regardless.

Pre-Workout Beta-alanine
Beta-alanine is another interesting, yet lesser known amino acid advocated for supplementation by Jim Stoppani, who argues for its strength increasing benefits particularly when used in conjunction with creatine. Here, the scholarly consensus agrees with Jim Stoppani; a 2012 study by the National Center for Biotechnology concluded "β-alanine supplementation elicits a significant ergogenic effect on high-intensity exercise".

These three supplements are probably the most important, but of course, they barely scratch the surface of the subject. Jim Stoppani has 13 different supplements in his latest pre-workout supplement Pre-JYM. Of those, many are familiar like caffeine supplements to give greater energy during your workout. But others like Beta Vulgaris L. are newer attempts at boosting NO concentration in the blood vessels after many traditional attempts like L-Arginine were proven ineffective.

So far though, the science seems to confirm Jim Stoppani's advice.

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