Tips to Manage Male Menopause

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    Apr 03, 2013
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True Grit And Valor
True Grit And Valor
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Male menopause is the term used to refer to the age-related testosterone deficiency experienced by older men. As men age, the body gradually slows down the production of testosterone, the most important male hormone. Testosterone is important for maintaining metabolism, muscle mass, sex drive, healthy bones, and an overall positive wellbeing. Therefore, when testosterone declines, men experience symptoms ranging from poor energy, diminished sex drive, loss in bone density and muscle strength, and even irritability and mood swings, all hallmarks of hormonal imbalance. Luckily, this isn’t a grave condition, and can be easily managed by changing dietary and basic lifestyle habits.

Tips to Manage Male Menopause
• Your hormonal levels are directly influenced by what food you eat. So make it a point to have a balanced meal that’s full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fiber, lean protein, and healthful fats.
• Don’t drink too much alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Avoid oily and junk food. Too much of saturated fat not only sinks testosterone levels, it also clogs your arteries, raises bad cholesterol, and is detrimental to heart health.
• Control weight gain. Excess weight triggered by low testosterone can make you feel lethargic and worsen symptoms of male menopause. Get moving. Join a gym. Exercise helps you lose the fat and releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones that act as the body’s natural painkillers.
• Try alternative supplements. Take Ageless Male for example. It contains fenugreek seed extract, a plant product that accelerates the body’s dying testosterone production. Many men who used this product have reported feeling better thanks to increased levels of testosterone which also resulted in an improved sex drive, better energy levels, and increased muscle strength. Don’t fall for Ageless Male scam stories floating on the Internet – the product contains scientifically proven ingredients and is totally reliable and devoid of safe effects.
• Engage in fun activities. This is especially important if you are stressed out and anxious. Keep nervousness and tension away through techniques yoga and meditation. Spend more time with loved ones. Engage in a hobby.
• Don’t be shy to talk to a trusted one or a doctor if you feel you need help. The symptoms of male menopause can be embarrassing. But that shouldn’t stop you from asking for help or taking medical and professional advice, if it’s going to help you in the long run. Proper counseling will help you cope better with the irritability and mood swings associated with testosterone deficiency.

Don’t let the term male menopause frighten you. Testosterone deficiency, the root cause of this condition is a natural process, and it affects some men more than others. It’s up to you to acknowledge your condition and be proactive and seek help for it. Get regular exercise, avoid excess stress, eat a wholesome diet, and maintain a positive and cheerful outlook toward life, so you don’t fall prey to hormonal imbalance, aka male menopause!

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