How To Handle Contact Lenses During Make Up

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    Jul 18, 2014
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How To Handle Contact Lenses During Make Up Photo by Andy Lee

Contact lenses and makeup, it can be a struggle. When you wear makeup and contact lenses you’ll know it can cause problems if it gets in your eyes. Make-up can stick to the lens, causing vision problems, discomfort and even can damage your contact lenses.

During the week I never wear make up. That is not because of my contact lenses but just that I am always in a hurry in the morning. I give myself 45 minutes for waking up, a quick shower, dressing, breakfast and coffee, and then off to work I go. When I go out or in the weekend I like to spend some more time on myself. I must say I struggled a lot in the beginning with my makeup and contact lens.

A lot of times I was ready applying the makeup, looked up and noticed that my vision was all blurry. Nowadays I’m pretty good at it. There are a lot of people who have no problem with putting on and wearing makeup and contact lenses.

These tips are only for contact wearers who have problems.

• If you are planning to blow dry your hair and use hair spray, it is better to do this before you insert the contact lenses, preventing your contacts and eyes from drying out.

• Before you apply your make up, firstput your contact lenses in. This prevents make up getting stuck on your lenses. Another benefit is that you have a clearer view when you apply your makeup.

• When you have sensitive eyes, try products that are hypoallergenic.

• Do not apply eyeliner inside of the lash. Use eyeliner that doesn’t flake like liquid eyeliner.

• If you use powder eye shadows then try to close your eyes while applying it. If it tends to cause irritation try a cream eye shadow instead.

• Do not use glitter makeup near the eyes. Small metal particles can let go and get into your eyes.

• Avoid lash building mascara. These contain fibers that can let go and end up trapped under the lens, whichwill cause sore eyes.Many brands sell mascaras that are specifically designed for people who wear contact lenses.

• Replace your mascara regularly. Mascara that has been used for too long can contain bacteria.


When removing you make up:

• Always wash and dry your hands.

• Remove your contact lenses.

• Remove your make up with water-based products or simply wash your face. A big help for me was switching from monthly lenses to daily lenses.


I use Focus Dailies all day comfort. I order them at Clear4Vision Hong Kong. They have a wide selection of contact lenses with many brands for the best price. But if you have monthly disposable contact lenses, clean your lens after removing and rinse them, put them in a clean lens case and fill it with fresh solution. And my last tip is…don’t put your contact lenses in or wear any kind of eye makeup if your eyes are red, swollen or infected!

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