Hormonal Imbalance and its Effect on Older Men

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    May 30, 2013
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Hormonal Imbalance and its Effect on Older Men Photo by John Andrews

Hormonal imbalance is a phrase most of us associate with the female gender. But it holds true for men as well. Just like women, men also experience fluctuating hormones with advancing age, the most common being testosterone deficiency, known by fancy names such as andropause, male menopause, and late-onset hypogonadism.

Testosterone declines naturally as men grow older, usually beginning at age 40. As it’s considered to be one of the most important male hormones, a drop in its levels can bring about undesirable changes in the human body. Here’s what hormonal imbalance and waning testosterone levels can do to men:

· Low sex drive

· Diminishing energy levels

· Accumulation of body fat

· Muscle weakness

· Sleep disturbances

· Dry and flaky skin

· Brittle bones, loss in bone mineral density

· Breast enlargement

· Hair loss

· Night sweats

· Hot flashes

· Memory loss

· Difficulty in concentrating

· Depression and anxiety

· Crankiness

· Loss of motivation

Men often mistake these signs as a part of aging and don’t realize that there are several methods to rectify these signs. Diet, exercise, and hormone replacement therapy can all bring about a phenomenal change and help to get rid of the side effects of testosterone fluctuations.

Overcoming the Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

· What you eat directly affects hormonal production. A diet rich in healthful fats, fiber, protein, lean meat, and fruits and vegetables provides you with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and boost testosterone production.

· If your levels are very low, consider reading a bunch of Ageless Male reviews. This supplement is specifically meant to boost testosterone levels and enhance strength, metabolism, and libido. Fenugreek seed extract, zinc, magnesium, and pyridoxine are the primary ingredients in Ageless Male, which also builds upper body strength and increases muscle mass.

· Work out like a man. Weightlifting is supposed to be the best way to surge testosterone levels. High speed interval training also helps to trigger testosterone production and improve body composition. Combine different forms of workouts for maximum results. Know the benefits of exercise for overall health and commit to a few minutes of intense exercises every day. Look up Ageless Male testimonials to find out how people have boosted their testosterone to normal levels.

· Undue stress and anxiety release the hormone cortisol, which is infamously known as testosterone’s number one rival. Find ways to release tension. Yoga, meditation, massage, and listening to soothing music are excellent ways to combat stress. Try to remain cheerful and positive – and see the difference it makes to your life!

It’s important for men to educate themselves about the signs and symptoms of fluctuating hormones. If left untreated, testosterone deficiency may lead to obesity, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Visit a doctor if you’re unsure about how manage those unstable hormones. With proper guidance and care, signs of hormonal imbalance can well disappear and result in a happier and healthier you!

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