Is Low Testosterone Ruining Your Marriage

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    Apr 03, 2013
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Is Low Testosterone Ruining Your Marriage Photo by John Andrews

So you’re well into your forties, and have realized that sexual activity isn’t as interesting as it used to be? Is a lack of sexual interest taking a toll on your relationship? This is a very common problem faced by millions of men, who find that physical intimacy isn’t as sizzling as it was before. This feeling of disinterest is often attributed to depression and is one of the major reasons why couples head for a split. The real answer is male menopause, a condition better known as testosterone deficiency, or simply put, declining amount of testosterone in the blood.

Testosterone, the principal male hormone plays a crucial role in the body, greatly impacting a man’s libido, metabolism, weight, and mood. Its production peaks during puberty, but gradually declines as a man grows older. This change is barely perceptible to some men because their system adapts to this hormonal imbalance without much trouble. But it can deal a hard blow to some, making them gain weight, lose interest in sexual activity and reduce their zest for life. The good news is low testosterone is manageable, and so all those men (and women) who want to revive their relationship, take a quick look at how to deal with low T and save your marriage!

Ways to Overcome Low T and Save your Relationship
• Make you you’re eating the right foods. That means including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and eating whole grains instead of processed foods. You need to increase your testosterone, so a bit of meat such as beef liver or chicken will do you good. But go easy on animal products containing large amounts of saturated or trans fats, and this includes junk food as well. Such foods make you lethargic and are bad for heart health as well.
• Look for nutritional supplements that raise testosterone. A good example is from reviews of Ageless Male supplement. It replenishes the amount of available testosterone in the body, helping men fight signs of aging such as sluggishness, low libido, flabby muscles, and poor metabolism. Ageless Male testimonials are ample proof that this supplement boosts sex drive and testosterone levels and gives outstanding results.
• Join a gym! Yes, exercising has a profound impact on your hormonal levels and greatly influences sex drive. Strength training and resistance training are the best forms of exercises that’ll hike your T levels. Ladies, motivate your man to work out daily, be it any kind of exercise! It’ll also help your guy shed a few pounds and shrug away the sluggishness.
• Beat the stress. Stress can completely ruin a relationship by sinking your sexual desire. Find ways to combat stress. Get a good night’s sleep. Meditate, do yoga, surround yourself with your loved ones.

You don’t have to wait for testosterone to decline to start following the steps listed above. No matter what age you are, commit to a healthy lifestyle by making smart dietary choices and abiding by a fitness program that’ll keep your testosterone levels in a favorable range; so you don’t have to bother about testosterone deficiency ruining your marriage, or relationship!

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