Nutritional Advice for Andropause

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    May 30, 2013
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Nutritional Advice for Andropause Photo by John Andrews

Andropause, also known as male menopause, can be an exacting time for most men. Yes, just like women, men also go through menopause. It occurs when the body slows down the production of the most important male hormone, testosterone. As testosterone is critical to optimal functioning of the body, a fall in its levels can result in some unwanted changes in the body, which can have physical and emotional ramifications. Low levels of testosterone can weaken sexual desire, cause a reduction in muscle strength and bone mineral density, increase fat accumulation around the waistline, and memory impairment. Improve your testosterone levels and save yourself from these annoying effects by following these smart dietary habits.

Nutritional Advice for Andropause
• Eat all fruits and vegetables. Experiment with new dishes and add different veggies to add variety to your meals.
• Include the good fats, because testosterone is essentially derived from fat. Olive oil, peanut oil, avocados, various types of nuts, and cold water fish like tuna and salmon are excellent sources of healthful dietary fat.
• Stay away from junk or fast food, processed foods containing refined sugar. They contain harmful fats that can induce heart disease and don’t contribute to testosterone production.
• Eat a high protein diet for added muscle strength. Try lean meat products, fish, egg whites, beans, soy, low fat cheese and yogurt, and lentils.
• Go for whole grain cereals. Opt for brown bread instead of white bread, eat whole wheat pasta. Minimize the use and consumption of all-purpose flour, found abundantly in commercially baked products.
• Men with poor testosterone can go through a bunch of Ageless Male reviews. The main ingredient in this supplement comprises fenugreek seed extract, a herbal product that triggers the release of bioavailable testosterone in the bloodstream. A powerful combination of this seed extract along with zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 makes Ageless Male a formidable supplement in overcoming andropause.
• Zinc can be found in ample quantities in shellfish such as clams and oysters, baked beans, and watermelon and sesame seeds. It’s an important trace mineral that essays a significant role in nurturing a healthy reproductive system and increases testosterone production.
• Too much of alcohol isn’t good! You don’t need to ditch the drinks, but limit your consumption to just one glass a day.
• Don’t overeat. Stop eating once you feel full. Eat light meals and snack in between meals. A glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice, a fistful of nuts and a tossed salad with low-fat dressingis a great option for a snack, as compared to a donut and coffee, or bag of chips and a soda!

The suggestions above might put you off initially, but think again and you’ll realize they aren’t so tough to follow. Don’t take andropause lightly, if not managed on time, it can cause serious trouble in later life. So make a conscious decision to choose the right foods and eat a nutritious diet and keep the unwelcome effects of andropause away!

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