Different Cancer Types and Their Causes

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    Aug 12, 2013
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Medical Drugs for Pharmacy Health Shop of Medicine
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The cancer in the bladder (the bladder is a balloon shaped organ in the body that functions in storing urine) is the fourth most common cancer type that is found in men and eighth most common in women. In this situation, tumors develop on the surface of the wall of the bladder. In severe cases, the tumor may also develop within the wall or the underlying muscles. Older adults are mainly affected by this type of cancer albeit it can occur at any age! Gender, diet habits, and smoking are some of the reasons that can cause a cancer in bladder. Having a diet rich of vegetables and fruits and low fat can reduce the risk of this cancer. Bladder cancer can be linked with bladder and kidney stones, chronic bladder irritation, and urinary infections. Pain while urinating, blood in urine and urination frequency are some of the symptoms while suffering from bladder cancer.

Kidneys are one of the complex and important organs of the body. The critical function of the kidney is to maintain equilibrium between various bodily fluids like urine and blood for example. It achieves its target by filtering, cleansing, and screening these fluids in our body. These small functions performed by the kidney are very important to maintain the body’s health and any problem to the kidney can have serious effect on the body. Renal cell carcinoma is the most common type of cancer of the kidney in adults. It begins in the cells that line the tube in our kidney. Wilms’ tumor is the common kidney cancer in children.

If you are being diagnosed with prostate cancer recently, then the doctor will prescribe a prostate cancer treatment that will help you overcome the disease. Some of the cancer treatment types are as follows:

• Radiation Therapy: It includes use of high energy radiation from neutrons, photons, x-rays and gamma rays. There are internal as well as external radiation therapy treatments.

• Hormone Therapy: It blocks, adds or removes hormones which prevent the growth of the cancer.

• Chemotherapy: It can be used for the treatment of other types of cancers as well. Although, it has some side effects that you can find out from the doctor.

PSA or Prostate Specific antigen is a marker used to detect the presence of prostate cancer. By checking the psa level any individual can verify about the certainty of the prostate cancer.

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