Script Writing Toronto Program - Curriculum and Eligibility Criteria

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    Aug 29, 2014
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Script Writing Toronto Program - Curriculum and Eligibility Criteria Photo by Jason White

Looking for courses that can help you seek entry or re-entry to the film or television industry? Well, Centennial College's two-semester, post-graduate advanced television and film - script to screen program may be the right choice for you. Let us look into what it covers, what skills you will develop, and what career options it offers to graduates.

What Does the Advanced Television and Film - Script Writing Program Cover?

The one-year advanced television and film program covers a wide range of subjects, including screenwriting or short film development, directing, acting, production, post-production, short film rehearsal and pre-production, short film production and short film post-production.

The focus of the program is on helping you develop both creative and technical aspects of film and TV production. The USP of this program is that it actually teaches you what goes into making/producing or writing for a film or television program. The script writing program in Toronto helps you understand how to adapt your writing considering the situation and how to tailor your script to an actor's specific talents.

The emphasis is not only on honing your writing skills and developing advanced abilities. Rather, it is on understanding who does what on a film or television production, so that you can collaborate with them and accordingly align your writing to the situation.

What Understanding and Skills Do You Develop?

The script writing Toronto program is extremely intensive. Although you won't be streamed into master classes immediately but you will need to spend a substantial amount of time in understanding what everyone does on a film and television production. This will help you in understand how to work in a team. Besides, you will develop strong communication and problem-solving skills and learn to empathize with fellow cast and crew members.

In addition to this, you will hone your writing skills. The program teaches you how to draft scripts that result in high quality feature film. The focus is solely on drama. You will learn all aspects of dramatic film-making. It does not include documentary film-making while it focuses on drama, comedy and all other genres.

Skills You Develop

As a student of this program, you will be able to:

  • Deconstruct films, television shows and scripts of all genres
  • Create, pitch, develop, outline, draft and polish four-production-ready film scripts
  • Prepare, perform in and post shows

In addition to this, you also explore your specific interests and career that you think will be appropriate for you.

Who Is It For?

This program is open to actors, writers, directors, producers, editors and other film and television crafts people. This makes the right choice for you if you wish to enter or re-enter film and television business; and gain comprehensive understanding and hands-on in all aspects of film and TV production.

Who Is Eligible to Apply to This Program?

You are eligible to apply to this program, if

  • You have completed a three-year college diploma or a four-year university degree in any discipline, or
  • You have developed a verifiable portfolio or work representing minimum two years of production or media-related experience

No matter in which category you fall, you will also have to submit your current resume, a letter of intent, and a portfolio of work including

  • A film produced or directed by you
  • An on-camera audition
  • A writing sample, preferably a script

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