Baking & Pastry Arts Management Course Moulding your career successfully in Bakery Industry

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    Jul 24, 2014
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Baking & Pastry Arts Management Course Moulding your career successfully in Bakery Industry Photo by Gene Haskell

I received a great deal of value from Centennial College's baking – pastry arts management. I was always passionate about cooking and baking and wanted to take it to the next level. Before attending Centennial, I had never known that there would be so many diverse aspects of bakery arts and business.

I learnt several different techniques of pastry baking and making different types of breads. The curriculum prepared me to do more than just baking. I explored the connection between baking and creativity. I got ample of opportunities to experiment with the recipes and make pastries and breads as delectable and pretty as they could be. Probably, this is why this program has been named as baking – pastry arts management.

This program also helped me learn diverse aspects of a bakery business. Along with expanding my abilities to produce advanced commercial quantities of breads, rolls, sweet dough, sweet pastries and savoury, I also learnt to manage materials purchasing and storage, product cost control and marketing, hiring and managing personnel.

The USP of this program is that it   provides valuable work experience through an individualized internship with industry partners. It is highly recognized by retail bakeries, department stores, hotels and restaurants. I was fortunate enough to do my internship with a hotel that became my employer. I got to learn so many things during my placement and also established great rapport with the staff, which I think played a great role in fetching me a job there.

A big thank you to Centennial teachers, who helped me develop culinary skills and prepared me so well for the internship that I ultimately got employed at the same place. I have used many of the skills acquired during the courses I took when I was studying baking – pastry arts management.

Of course, passion for baking led me to Centennial. But the curriculum was so well structured and teachers had such mastery over the subject that my transition into a baking professional was seamless.

And what I enjoyed the most was competition in lab amongst colleagues to make pastries as pretty as possible. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost but overall it was a great experience. It not only helped me evolve as a better and a more talented and innovative baker but also helped me in becoming a better human being.

I recommended this program to many of my friends who like baking and want to turn their passion into a successful career. I'm sure even they will enjoy their time at Centennial and prepare for careers that they didn't even think of in their dreams. Centennial bears great reputation and credentials are highly respected in the marketplace. If you don't believe me, check Centennial College ratings for yourself.

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The author here talks about Centennial College ratings about Baking & Pastry Arts Management course specially framed for those who aspire to learn and develop their culinary skills to become a baking professional.

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