Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Training Students for their healthy career

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    Jul 29, 2014
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Centennial College Motorcycle Course - Training Students for their healthy career Photo by Gene Haskell

Centennial College's program in Motorcycle Technician is primarily for those who want to build careers in motorcycle and powersports repairing. This is a traditional apprenticeship program but teachers at the college make it really interesting and more hands-on. And I think that's what makes it stand apart from the other similar programs available at other colleges in Toronto.

I personally feel that this program gave me knowledge, skills and attitude, which are necessary to be in this field and enjoy a rewarding career. Before I attended Centennial College motorcycle course, I had this notion that it would be a very simple course. But once I began attending in-school training sessions, I realized that driving, handling and repairing a motorcycle demands an enormous amount of knowledge and skills. You simply can't lock the brakes and begin working on it.

I got to learn from experienced teachers who were as passionate about motorcycles and powersports as I was. I acquired in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills for working on power trains, engines, brakes and chassis, fuels and electrical and frames and suspension.

The program consists of both in-school and on-the-job training. The in-school session typically runs for eight weeks. However, the good thing about in-school training session is that its actual duration is determined by how quickly you acquire on-the-job competencies. And training takes place at Ontario's largest transportation training centre.

The best part about this program is that it offers students an opportunity to earn-while-learn. Yes. I got qualified for income support, through Employment Insurance Canada benefits. Some of my batch mates also got a training allowance.

Centennial provides great learning and training ground for those having a passion for motorcycle riding and repairing and seeking to build careers out of their passion. Here are a few benefits of taking this course. 1) You'll learn the most important aspects of handling a motorcycle. 2) You'll get opportunity to assemble, disband and reassemble the parts of motorcycle. 3) You'll learn to fix problems related to engines, brakes, chassis, fuel, frames and suspension. 4) You'll be more confident and ready to pursue your career in skilled trade.

The program offers an excellent balance between theory and training. It provided me with a solid foundation that opened doors to well-paid jobs in front of me. I have been enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding career ever since.

I'll recommend this program to everyone who wants to build a career in motorcycle and powersports training. It's a very hands-on program. And in-school training is geared to on-the-job experience.

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The author after watching Centennial College Reviews say about Centennial College Motorcycle Course and says that it is an hands-on program that offers strong learning and training for those who wish to build their career in motorcycle and powersports training.

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