International Business Management combines all business disciplines

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    Mar 04, 2014
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International Business Management combines all business disciplines Photo by Natalie Carrigan

It’s a small world after all. Especially with the converging of markets and rapid business of e-commerce, many businesses are set to cater a single geographical location anymore. To understand the international market, business professionals must learn about the financial, marketing, and operational functions of corporations and the external forces around it. Business graduates and professionals can learn more with the International Business Management program from Centennial College.

The postgraduate program only has three semesters, but they are filled rigorous courses, focusing on all aspects of business as they relate to the global markets. The first two semesters have seven courses each, where students will apply the academic learning on case studies and realistic business scenarios in assignments. Here are some key learning outcomes to expect:

  • Trends and tactics in international business will be explored as students manage international business practices, such as trade, manufacturing, and outsourcing.
  • Students will learn about the Canadian and international economies and the business practices that surround geopolitical systems.
  • An efficient supply chain management is a time and money-saving operations of any businesses, and therefore, globally, students will learn how to organize company assets logistically to find sources across the world.
  • Government policies and jurisdictions have different rules, so students will understand the area of International Business Law as it applies to multinational companies and other businesses that coordinate internationally.
  • Knowledge of the world's financial systems is important, where students will examine the impact of foreign exchange rates, interest fluctuations, and other financial topics.
  • Applied and basic research methods will be explored and applied into global business research. Students will build critical thinking skills as they identify proper research methods and design a research plan.
  • Domestic businesses can diversify into new markets around the globe, so Centennial prepares students by teaching them how to design an International Business Plan, where research, financial calculations, and formal report writing are crucial.

The year ends with the Business - Experiential Learning course, which is a semester-long field placement at an external organization where students work with professionals and clients in a real-life job setting. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge learned from their education to the job and gain a meaningful on-the-job training. Some students are successful with their internships and have continues to work at those organizations after their graduation.

The International Business Management program is great for students who are currently working in multinational companies or are seeking growth in their career. There are plenty of opportunities in the international market and business professionals of any discipline can learn helpful strategies in the businesses across different nations. Centennial College has created a platform of academic and practical training, where students graduate to enter various business professions in small and big firms.

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Jason White explores the International Business Management Course by highlighting the curriculum and learning outcomes.

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