Building a Career in Hospitality Management - Restaurant and Catering

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    Jul 14, 2014
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Building a Career in Hospitality Management - Restaurant and Catering Photo by Jason White

The hospitality management program in restaurant and catering offers students the knowledge, skills and hands-on training needed for managing a commercial kitchen, operating kitchen equipment, maintaining safety, sanitation and hygiene while cooking and serving food, purchasing for commercial kitchen, managing inventory, planning and designing menu, controlling food and labour costs, managing dining room and providing customer service.

This is an all-inclusive course that explores:

  • How to utilize menu as a sales tool
  • What makes a good menu
  • How to control labour and food cost during quantity production
  • How to maintain relationships between customers and the catering company
  • How to control operating budget
  • How to communicate with fellow employees and subordinates
  • The role of kitchen manager in a restaurant or catering organization
  • Food preparation methods and service techniques in quantity and quality food production
  • The relationship between back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house activities

As a student of catering and menu management program, you will have the opportunity to study theory of food, preparation methods for quality and quantity food production, evaluate and design menus, hospitality industry issues and marketing strategies. This course also teaches you supervision skills relating to kitchen management and human resources. In addition, you develop communication skills that are required to interact with personnel when the stress level is high.

Apart from this, the restaurant and catering management program also examines the role of a kitchen manager in the areas of planning, budgeting, accounting, production, labour management, distribution and profit. It's a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of a restaurant and catering business.

Studying Restaurant and Catering Management in Canada

As the hospitality industry is booming, there is a significant increase in the employment opportunities in the areas of accommodation, travel, food and beverage and catering. And due to this, a large number of educational institutes have started offering courses in hospitality management.

Unfortunately, not all are worth considering. Most among them are either not affiliated or don't maintain program quality standards. This is why it is important to make a thorough research before applying to such a program.

You may want to consider Centennial College's hospitality management – restaurant and catering program. It is accredited by UNWTO TedQual; and therefore, the program curriculum reflects high standards of learning. Moreover, it offers you several hands-on opportunities. The college houses an on-campus student training restaurant and lab practice facilities where you can actually put your learning into practice. In addition, you also gain real world experience by working with some of Canada's largest restaurant companies through the college's two-day-a-week placement.

Apart from this, you also receive two certifications - the Smart Serve and the National Sanitation Training. The USP of this program is that you will be career-ready even before you're a graduate. This program also offers excellent employment prospects. Upon completion of the program, you can either choose to pursue your career or study further. You may be eligible to apply for higher studies with selected universities, institutions and professional associations.

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