Use Of Ad Agency By Politicians

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    Mar 30, 2014
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Use Of Ad Agency By Politicians Photo by Joson  Rego

Elections are around and so is the buzz to create a revolution in India. Print ads, banners, hoardings, online ads, TVCs and radio ads - the leading voices to build a healthy future of our country are everywhere. The common man and politicians, both are totally pumped up to bring in the much needed change and generate awareness about the benefits of voting. However, this time around, it is not merely about votes; the buzz has risen to a new level. It is more about showing and trying to prove oneself; how the existing party has failed to serve our country well, and that, it's time to change the existing political hold. The BJP has hired a creative ad agency and invested big money to promote Narendra Modi (a.k.a. NaMo) and his party. The agency is doing a great job by bombarding people every 7 minutes to vote NaMo and change the poor situation of our country.

An ad agency these days have a wide range of clients. Their work is not just limited to advertising their products and services; but these days, they have a new responsibility to promote people as brands. Many businessmen and politicians are using this medium adequately to increase their status in society. Politicians have realized that, promoting their political party as a brand is the latest trend, and works wonders with the target audience. Not only full-flourished political parties make use of these ad agencies, but also the local parties. Ad agencies come up with brilliant ideas for them, so that they can connect with their local audience emotionally and gain their trust. These agencies now hold the power to influence the resolutions of general public, and change the future of our country.

A creative advertising agency needs to have strong contacts to earn a political contract. It is a great responsibility to advertise a political party on a massive level and influence the decision of the general population. A lot of research is required to create ads for political parties. If the ads are designed in such a way that they have a direct comparison with the opposition party, then it is indispensable for them to get the facts absolutely right. The agency can conduct surveys, do online research, have interviews, check on past records, progress graphs, etc., to make an ad that reflects the brand and conveys a positive message to the target audience.

Working for an advertising agency is a highly creative and responsible job. It takes a few seconds for an advert or video to go viral, and build or destroy the image of your client. Especially for sensitive topics where an entire country is involved and considering the sentiments of common people, it is necessary to be extra careful. Accurate knowledge of the given topic and an idea that can make a difference, will work wonders. Only after the elections will we know whether spending all that money in advertising really made a positive difference, and influenced the minds of common public or not?

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