Methods Used By An Ad Agency To Measure Its Effectiveness

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    Jan 11, 2014
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Methods Used By An Ad Agency To Measure Its Effectiveness Photo by Joson  Rego

Setting up an ad agency or working for one, doesn't mean just investing money, pulling in clients and creating ads; it is far beyond that. To provide a satisfying service to the clients, an agency must follow proper practices to build and place an ad effectively in the market. A proper process should be followed to keep a track of success and failure of the ad. These techniques help to keep in check the exposure that an ad has received, and the effect it had on the consumers. These techniques also help the advertisers to find out what will work on the target audience, and whether the sales will increase or decrease after the launch of an ad.

The two methods by which a creative ad agency can test the impact of an ad are:

• Pre-Testing

• Post-Testing

The Pre-Testing method - The need for pre-testing an ad is, it avoids the possible wastage of printing and corrects grammatical errors, if any. A small sample group goes through the copy or preview of an ad, and gives valuable feedback. This method helps to get a clear public opinion of the ad, to understand whether it will have the desired impact on the audience and if they can relate to it. This helps the ad agency make the necessary changes before exposing the ad to the entire target audience; thus, ensuring that the money, time and energy spent in the making of an ad are not wasted, and the ad will earn good returns.

The method of effective advertising does not end here. This is just the first step; the next step is equally important.

The Post-Testing method -

This method is used after the launch of an ad, by any full service advertising agency, to measure the effectiveness of the ad. Conducting this test helps to find out readership/ viewership coverage, and ascertains the impact of an ad in terms of being noticed, seen and read. This also helps to measure out the memory value of the advertisement, and the impact it has on the consumer's buying behavior. If any personalities or celebrities are used in the ad, then this method might help to get the desired impact that they had on the consumer's buying pattern. This also helps to improve the advertising plans for the future, and lessens the chances of committing the same mistakes in the future.

These two methods above, are used by each and every advertising agency to get the best results out of all the creativity and hard work, that is put in the making of an ad. These techniques also help to avoid any wastage of time, money and energy and makes the advertiser cautious for the future. Conducting these tests calculates the reach, effectiveness and impact of the ad, and ensures that the advertisers do not repeat similar mistakes in the future.

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