How An Ad Agency Can Avoid Wastage In Its Ad Campaigns

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    Feb 22, 2014
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In every ad agency, four elements are extremely important - Time, Energy, Money and Space. It is essential for advertisers to formulate a plan before starting every project, and implement their plan in each and every stage of execution. If a proper plan is not followed, then chances of wasting the four elements are high. These are the four precious rules in the Advertising Rulebook. Every ad person must take extra care before using time, energy, money and space on any given task. Since advertising is an expensive business, the loss of these four elements is considered as the greatest loss in the industry.

A Creative advertising agency usually has a detailed plan to execute their ideas, and create a brilliant ad. They conduct a thorough research on their target audience and their possible times of watching television or going online. If the advertiser fails to broadcast the ad at the right time, then it results in a complete waste, as the aim of publishing or broadcasting the ad is not fulfilled. The aim of the ad was to reach to the audience and leave an impact; but the first step of reaching to the audience on time was not successful. Lack of exposure to the ad is nothing but a waste of time. Thus, every advertiser must conduct their research, and place the ad in the media at the right time, to reach the desired audience.

The next is waste of money! Many advertisers have big plans in their heads about advertising a product or service, and launching it on a large scale. If the rules are not followed, then there are high chances of their dream turning into nightmare. A lot of money goes into making even a small 1 to 2 minute ad. The cost of lighting, set, actors etc., are very high; hence, it is important to make proper use of the money invested. A full service advertising agency is mostly fully equipped, and can experiment with their concepts; but other ad agencies do not have the liberty to experiment. Thus, a waste of money should be avoided and the plan to execute the ad should be precise and cost-effective for best output.

Waste of energy is observed when the ad goes unnoticed. A lot of people work to make a small ad, right from directors and actors to spot boys, energy of every individual is invested in shooting a simple small ad of less than a minute. If the ad fails to reach the target audience in the given time frame, then it is a complete waste of the energy invested in the making. It is the same case with wasting space. When an ad is placed in the media in the wrong area and fails to reach the target audience, then it leads to waste of space. Be it a classified ad or a television commercial, waste of space is observed everywhere.

Thus, every creative ad agency must plan in advance, and follow simple rules to avoid wastage, as far as possible. To avoid this waste, research on advertising and the industry is extremely important.

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