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    Jan 03, 2013
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Thanks to the huge online marketplace that is the Worldwide Web, it’s never been easier to shop candles online and to have them delivered to your door within days. Whether you are a classic candle lover who favors long tapers in standard wax varieties or an Earth-loving member of the “organic everything” squad, chances are that you will find the exact candle you envision by typing your description into a search engine. Discover quality candles at sites such as, and you may find yourself spending time at your computer instead of inside your local candle shop. Discover candle after candle that excite you. Here’s what you can expect as you shop candles online.

• Thorough descriptions of candle inventory – As a candle lover, you likely have used your sense of smell to determine many a candle purchase. The online experience is different than the tangible store experience, however. Unless you are simply re-ordering candles, you will need to depend on descriptions to make your purchasing decision easier. Great candle descriptions read much like wine tasting notes; for example, an online shopper may find comments such as “Warm cinnamon notes with a touch of apple spice for that idea holiday scent experience” as the descriptor for a cinnamon bun candle, or “strong hints of jasmine mellowed with natural vanilla” for a floral breeze candle. The more thorough the description, the better chance there is that you will be satisfied with the new candle purchase.

• Crisp pictures of available candles – If you cannot tell how large a jar candle is based on the picture online, the photographer likely did not do a thorough job during the shoot. You should feel as if you could reach through your computer onto a site such as to grasp your candle of choice. If you have any question as to the sizes, take a look at the candles you currently use and see if the dimensions online match up.

• Sound shipping and a guarantee that is not up for discussion – When you shop candles online, make sure that the company you purchase your candles from has a shipping and satisfaction guarantee. That way, you will feel secure that your candles will arrive in a speedy manner and that they will not be broken when the postman leaves them at your doorstep. If you are not sure if the online store offers these, email or call them before you purchase anything.

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