Brand Advertising And Their Campaigns

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    May 01, 2014
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Brand Advertising And Their Campaigns Photo by Joson  Rego

Brands hold high value in today's date, and people have become quite obsessed with them. The media to some level is responsible for creating this buzz amongst generation-X. They have set a trend in the market and creatively incepted an idea, in the minds of the people. The idea is to flash the labels of brands through material possessions like jeans, shoes, handbags, inner wear, etc., and be amongst the 'cool' group of society. This gives them a superior feeling endorsed by the confidence of a fashionista. A huge chunk of credit definitely goes to brand advertising. They use the creative side of their brains so efficiently, and advertise the product in such a smart way, that they make the product look like a basic necessity to their target audience.

It is an art to come up with concepts that will prove to be big hits, and give the brand its desired success. Many brands like Nike, Levis, Jockey, etc. have done exceptionally well in their campaigns. They target the right audience and design their campaigns based on the personality of their target audience. They try to connect their ads emotionally to their audience, to make a greater impact. An advertising agency hires people who are high on creativity and spontaneous in nature. They keep their work environment light and friendly, to let their employees be free and creative. It is important for people working in such agencies to be exposed to the outer world, to increase their horizons of imagination.

Any Indian ad agency has made tremendous progress in the last few years. The availability of resources and exposure to the outer world have been major contributors, in the improved quality of ads. The revised rules for advertising and copyright issue have also helped, on a large scale. Because of the strict rules, advertisers focus on coming up with new and brighter ideas; and hence, the number of successful ad campaigns have increased to a great extent. A campaign is designed in such a way that people are bombarded with ideas from various advertising mediums, to generate loyalty towards the brand.

The scope for people in this field has increased over a period of time, because of the emergence of the full service ad agency. These type of ad agencies have various departments under one roof, and give great opportunities to their employees, to explore their creativity in various departments. It is said that, a successful campaign comes to life when a bunch of people from various departments come together to brainstorm. This is the beauty of such agencies, and hence, many big brands go to such agencies with a need for success, loyalty and return on investment. Campaigns like 'Just Do It', 'We believe in shape not size' and 'All or Nothing', have always stayed in the minds of the customers, because of the personal touch. The tag-lines motivate people to go bigger, and hence, the need to own such products arises. This is a perfect way to reach out to the target audience and earn success.

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