Importance Of Research For A Full Service Advertising Agency

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    Feb 22, 2014
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Importance Of Research For A Full Service Advertising Agency Photo by Joson  Rego

Research is an important aspect in any advertising agency. Advertising research is a branch of media research and it deals with different aspects of advertising. They research about their target audience and find out various measures to improve their sales. They study human behavior, their likes and dislikes to understand their target audience. It is necessary to have a clear idea about the target audience to avoid wastage in advertising. A full service advertising agency has many departments to look after all their needs, and advertising research is done by a professional to get appropriate results. The various areas covered by advertising research are media planning, advertising copy, advertising budget and testing the effects of advertising.

Advertising research provides a clear picture of the target audience. Things like expectations, preferences and dislikes of the audience are evaluated; this helps the advertisers to create ads that will appeal to the target audience. Every advertising agency conducts a research, either independently or with the help of a freelancer. Depending on the target audience, an advertiser can decide upon the media mix that should be used to advertise his products. If the target audience is above 60, then using social media is not advisable in countries like India, where people are still progressing and getting used to the internet. A balanced media mix that includes newspapers, television and radio will work wonders for an audience in that age group.

Media planning is another important aspect of advertising and research. Research paves a clear path for the advertiser to plan the media, according to the needs of the client. Their main aim is to target the right audience and generate sales, through their ads. A good media plan helps to set the right budget and aids advertisers, while making decisions about advertisement copy, layout, illustration, etc. A creative advertising agency has many ideas to execute; but, in order to get the desired results from those ideas, it is imperative to have a media plan in hand, to avoid wastage in advertising. To prepare a good media plan, an unbiased research is important. Thus, media planning is covered by advertising research.

The advertising budget and testing the effects of advertising is covered by advertising researchers. They test the effect that an ad has on the target audience, by experimenting on a smaller group of people first. Their reactions are noted, and if a positive response is generated, then the ad is launched in the open market. The work of an ad agency does not stop at making the ads for their clients. It is important for them to track the success of the ad, and make the necessary changes, as and when required. Advertising research plays a major role in the success of every advertisement.

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