Magic Of The Creative Ad Agency During T-20 World Cup

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    Apr 13, 2014
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Magic Of The Creative Ad Agency During T-20 World Cup Photo by Joson  Rego

Cricket - one of the most loved games of people around the world, has gained a lot of media coverage over the years. There is an adrenaline rush during every match, be it the World Cup every 4 years, or the annual T-20 or Indian Premiere League (IPL), even Test matches are not far behind. Not only do people enjoy watching cricket sitting in their houses, but also enjoy going out to cafes and sports-bars to watch matches. These days, even theaters have started showcasing Live Cricket matches like IPL or T-20. Cricket has gained immense popularity, not only due to the game itself, but also because of the witty and savvy creative ad agency that works hard to take cricket fever to another level.

The Media definitely has the power to make or break any brand. BCCI and other sponsors for IPL have made optimum use of the media, to earn that top spot for cricket in the minds of the public. Their commercials, print ads, online campaigns, etc. are all well planned and so mind-blowing, that they quickly stick in the minds of people like chewing gum. When an ad agency is hired to work on a project, the client expects the highest quality ads, which should work wonders overnight. This is not possible all the time; but the way the media has hyped this game, it has become easier for ad agencies to quickly win the heart of millions, in a very short span of time.

A full service ad agency provides all ad-related services, because of its available resources, and generally never outsources work. The power holders and image builders of cricket generally hire an agency, that provides all services under one roof. These agencies do not restrict themselves to make an ad for a specific medium, but make ads for various other mediums that are available. The target audience of cricket is large and is spread everywhere. A 70 year old citizen can watch a TV commercial or read about it in the newspaper; while the youth also accesses these advertising mediums, along with online ads and radio ads. A full service agency can plan and execute a media plan for all these mediums in one place, and so, it earns preference over any other regular agency.

An advertising agency cannot afford to make any mistakes while creating an ad for cricket lovers, because people are emotionally connected with the game. It is important for the agency to constantly stay alert and highlight the positives, as much as they can. People working in such agencies need to be well-versed with the latest happenings, as well as should be witty and creative in their ideas. A small idea can make a big difference, and make even a small game seem large. Thus, an experienced agency is given the job with great responsibility, and high expectations in return. BCCI and other sponsors have done a great job in giving the contract to the right agency, as their campaigns are doing great everywhere, and people's love for cricket has only increased.

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