Struggling With Your Compact Bathroom Design?

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    Apr 03, 2013
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bathroom:  after
bathroom: after
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The one problem many of us face these days is a small bathroom. As homes are built on a smaller scale, we end up trying to manage a stunning design in the most compact of space.

Having a compact bathroom doesn't mean you cannot turn the space into a masterpiece. Obviously you probably won't be able to have the large slipper bath in the centre of the room, but with careful planning and execution, you can have a beautiful bathroom to be proud of.

Finding the Right Shower

The shower you choose for a smaller bathroom has an enormous impact on the floor space you have available. There are so many different sized and shaped shower trays, but it's the shower enclosures that you choose that will offer you the immediate benefit and stylish design.

For example, for compact bathrooms the quadrant shower enclosures and trays are a top choice. These are designed for a corner shower with a square or rectangular design and a curved front. The shower enclosures to match are usually installed with sliding doors which work beautifully in a smaller space so you don't have to worry about obstacles getting in the way of the doors when you open them.

Another firm favourite for smaller bathrooms are the bi-fold shower enclosures. These work almost like a concertina file as the doors fold up on themselves in towards the shower. This again removes any risk of the doors being obstructed by other bathroom items.

When choosing shower enclosures in the UK you have the choice of framed or frameless, depending on your overall design, you can make your choice. The frameless designs are stylish, sophisticated and minimalistic.

Careful Planning

A compact bathroom takes a little more effort to plan. You need to ensure that all the bathroom items you choose don't compromise the floor space in any way as you will need room to move around with ease.

Taking advantage of the various shower enclosures on offer combined with good storage solutions and white bathroom products, you can turn your small bathroom into a centre piece.

Remember to use lighter bathroom items and light colours on your walls and combining it with natural light, mirror and additional light can all make the space feel much bigger than it is.

The Galley Bathroom

So many of the smaller bathrooms are long and narrow making it very difficult when it comes to design. Careful planning and making the most of the space you have available makes it possible to turn your bathroom into the dream bathroom you have been hoping for.

Take advantage of sliding door shower enclosures that fit in the corner of the bathroom and vanity units that have a basin included to make the most of the space and use light colours to enhance the room.

Compact bathrooms benefit from a shower over a bath and with so many shower baths to choose from, it's easy to find the right design for your smaller bathroom space.

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