Imagine the Joy of NEVER Having to Clean Your Bathroom

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    Mar 27, 2013
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Shower | No. 2
Shower | No. 2
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Most of the time, we despise cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, but this weekly chore effectively kills harmful bacteria and protects the body from illness or disease. The toilet and shower doors can gather a build-up of lime scale, which can be difficult to remove. Australian scientists have discovered a surface coating that is environmentally friendly through its Nano-particles. This does the genius job of cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces, a job that human hands have had to manage for thousands of years. This is good news for the environment, but bad news for chemical cleanser manufacturers.

The Science behind Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Previous self-cleaning surfaces were limited to external use only, as ultraviolet (UV) light was necessary to trigger the titanium dioxide molecules in the surface coating. Upon UV contact, the molecules reacted to form a bacteria-killing surface stronger than chlorinated bleach. The self-cleaning surface works is activated through indoor light bulbs. It is strong enough to kill even the harmful e-coli bacteria, which would make this bacteria killing surface type popular in hospitals and other healthcare establishments. Any water on the hydrophobic surface picks up dirt and dust as it slides away.

Chemical Ingredients Irritate the Skin

The usual kitchen and bathroom cleansers contain chemical ingredients that can be irritating to the skin and internal body. However, the scientists in Australia state that the anti-bacterial surfaces would be safe on any skin type without causing an adverse reaction. Self-cleaning surfaces will save everyone money over the long term.

The Benefits of Self-Cleaning Bathrooms

There are multiple benefits of buying self-cleaning shower doors and surfaces. Not only will it save on time and money, but also it provides a safe surface area for children. Rubber gloves, cleaning cloths, sponges and disinfectant will be a thing of the past after investing in a self-cleaning bathroom.

Toilet cleaners contain several germ-killing ingredients, including chlorine bleach. This is very strong and can be dangerous when inhaled. It is toxic when ingested and not safe to keep around pets and children. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is another ingredient found in many kitchen and bathroom cleansers. It is very irritating to the skin and eyes, and it is important to wear gloves when handling products containing these ingredients. Hydrochloric acid is used in toilet cleanser to remove lime scale and leave the toilet bowl sparkling clean. However, this acid is highly corrosive and must be handled carefully. Always use gloves when using products containing hydrochloric acid, as it can burn the skin. Keep the area well ventilated. Finally, citric acid is another ingredient found in toilet cleansers that is far less harsh than other chemical ingredients. A self-cleaning bathroom will remove the need for bacteria-killing cleansers, and save you a lot of money over the long term.

Imagine the day when you will be able to buy shower doors that are self-cleaning. This is the future of bacteria-killing surfaces set to grace hospitals and homes.

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