Quick Fixes to Make Sure Your Plumbing System is in Tiptop Condition

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    Jul 25, 2014
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Quick Fixes to Make Sure Your Plumbing System is in Tiptop Condition Photo by Colin Armstrong

An informed consumer is a better consumer. People who take the time to learn about the most common problems will ultimately get more out of their plumbing systems. In this article, we are going to show you a number of ways in which you can keep your plumbing system in tiptop condition, with the help of www.plumbtec24.co.uk.

The Main Turnoff

It is not uncommon for an emergency plumber in Glasgow to hear someone screaming down the phone that his or her kitchen has been flooded. Every householder should know where his or her main turnoff source is.

This is the button or lever that switches the water off completely. Even a burst pipe will not be a problem if there’s no water flowing into your home. The longer you leave it, the more damage you will cause, and then you’ll require more than the services of a plumber.

Stop Throwing Baby Wipes Down the Drain

One of the biggest causes of blockages in the home is baby wipes. These do not break down like normal toilet paper. Flush enough of them down the toilet and it will soon lead up to a complete blockage.

Hanging off the Pipes

It is not uncommon to see exposed pipework in the cellar being used as a place to hang clothes. These might look sturdy, but even clothes can put an unnecessary amount of strain on them. Eventually, they will begin to bend and break. This can completely flood the cellar and mean a costly repair running into thousands.

Never hang anything on the pipes.

Abstain from Chemical Drain Cleaning Products

Chemical drain cleaning products do more harm than good. For a start, they often do not clear the entire blockage. If you do not clear the blockage completely, you will see it return time and time again.

The biggest problem is the fact these products eat away at the pipes inside. They steadily erode them, leading to leaks and bursting. You have no reason to use them because a sewer snake will be able to deal with a blockage far better than any chemical drain cleaner.

Water Pressure

Between 40 and 85 psi is the ideal water pressure level. Anything above this is too high and puts too much stress on the pipes. The problem is high water pressure is considered a good thing for anyone taking a shower or filling a pot. This is why we rarely consider it a problem until something goes wrong.

Check the water pressure on a regular basis. If it is above 85 psi, call a plumber for help. They can install an automatic pressure management module. This will forcibly keep the water pressure at an acceptable level.

Act Quickly

The best way to maintain a plumbing system is to act quickly when you notice a problem. Little leaks and heavy moisture can easily be ignored, but the longer you leave it the worse the problem gets. Do not make the mistake of doing this. Act immediately and you can save hundreds of pounds on repairs.

It is always wise to have an emergency plumber Glasgow on call for this reason.

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