Using Mirrors to Create the Life You Want

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    Apr 02, 2013
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Mirror Photography-Cat
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Whether you call it a mantra or a positive affirmation, telling yourself good things can help you to shape the life that you want. The practice of positive affirmations is an easy and simple way that you can begin to turn your thought processes around and start to feel better.

First Thing in the Morning

One of the most effective ways of using affirmations is to do them in front of your mirror. The best time for this is first thing in the morning when you are standing in front of your bathroom mirror.

Bathroom mirrors carry a certain resonance among affirmations because the bathroom is the sanctuary where we are most honest with ourselves. Here you can say things to yourself like, “I am calm and productive”, or “I am a beautiful person.” Don’t just say it once either. Say it over and over at least ten times. Try doing this at least a couple times during the day.

Don’t Let Embarrassment Win

You’ll find it may be slightly difficult at first. After all you’re standing there staring you directly in the face and trying to tell yourself something that you may not really fully believe. The more you do this the more you will begin to retrain your thought process away from negative thinking and gear it towards a more positive outlook on life.

If your bathroom mirror is cracked, chipped or lacking in lustre you really should address this area of your life. There are many illuminated mirrors that will help you dedicate the bathroom as an important sanctuary in your life for cultivating positive change.

Take Random Opportunities

Aside from the bathroom, there are other times during the day when we catch our reflection in something. This could be in a window as you are walking buy, it could be in your vehicle when you are driving. Wherever and whenever this happens, ensure that you take the opportunity to reiterate what you have told yourself in your bathroom mirror that morning.

It’s easy to catch your reflection during the day and focus solely on self-criticising observations. It is one thing to check and see if you have food on your chin whereas it’s an entirely other thing if you are overly analysing your appearance. Instead, emotionally pat yourself on the back and pay yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror. Some of the best results of positive affirmations come when you remind yourself of what a productive, responsible person you are.

Become a Magnet for Positivity

After following this behaviour routine your will come to learn that your way of thinking has changed. Many successful people use this technique to help them magnetise the things they want from life. While it doesn’t necessarily work like asking for a raise and then instantly getting one, it does help put you in the right mind frame so that you can allow changes to sweep into your life.

It’s often said that one’s own worst enemy is their self. Don’t let that happen to you; instead take control of your thoughts and build the life you want.

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