Worried About the Spurs

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    Dec 15, 2013
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Worried About the Spurs Photo by Lemmy Morrie

With a record of 18 wins and only 4 losses which is good for second in the west, there are plenty of things to be happy about the Spurs. After failing to win last season's championship, the team seems to be motivated and headed into the right direction with their impressive start this year. However, there are three current factors that have me worrying. I'll go by them quickly.

Lack of Quality Win Against Better Opponents

While the Spurs have been dominating against lesser opponents, they have struggled against the top teams. Their four losses came against the Portland Trailblazers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers. In all these losses, they were utterly dominated from start to finish. This is worrying because these are caliber  of teams that the Spurs will be facing and will have to beat if they really want that championship. While many would argue not read too much into regular season games this early, their lackadaisical performance is certainly not something that's easily excused or overlooked.

Danny Green is Off

The Spurs offense relies on their shooters in order for their offense to work. No matter how good they are at moving the ball, if the player can't hit the shots, those movements aren't worth anything. That is why Danny Green being off is a bit concerning. While he has had some good games, those were very rare. The Spurs need a reliable shooting, and Green just isn't one right now.

The good thing is that other players have stepped their games up as of now, but having a Green who can shot is definitely better.


Although minor, the Spurs have already incurred some injuries this season. Boris Diaw injured his finger a few weeks ago. Tiago Splitter and Aron Baynes are also missing games with their injuries. This is bad primarily due to the fact that the team is kind of thin in the big men department. This means Tim Duncan will have to carry more load. I can only imagine coach Pop not happy with this because he would rather have Timmy play less to be fresh when the real games that matter start in April.

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