Mark Cuban Overestimates Himself

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    Dec 15, 2013
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Mark Cuban Overestimates Himself Photo by Lemmy Morrie

Mark Cuban is one of my favorite owners in the NBA. The man is so passionate about his team which is something that all sports team fans can relate to. Unlike other NBA owners who seem detached or just clumsy with their teams, Mark Cuban is always around the team showing his passion and support. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to the ins and outs of the organization as he pretty much serves as the GM himself.

Also unlike other owners, he is willing to spend to give his team a better chance at winning. He is not afraid to get fined as he often gets all over the officials or the leagues face with his complains and rants. He also doesn't mind footing luxury tax bills if it gives the team an improved shot at a title.

However, just like any other person, Mark has his flaws. He can be pretty bullshitty at times as he tends to exaggerate things. In an interview with the media about a month ago, he talked about how he wooed then free agent Dwight Howard by telling him about coming to a team that knows how build a contender around him, and that is the Mavericks.

I find this very annoying because he doesn't exactly have the track record to back his claim. He hasn't been exactly that great in surrounding Dirk Nowitzki with a potent supporting cast.  In so many years that Dirk has been playing for the Mavs, Mark has brought in plenty of scrubs or former stars who were never as good as they were during their best.

Who was a great player that Mark was able to bring into the team? While there were certain players who shined in their previous teams like Jason Terry or Shawn Marion, you can't exactly call them as elite players.

Mark seemingly overestimated himself when he said that to Howard. However, it doesn't mean it was the wrong advice. Dwight even followed his advice perfectly of going to a team that can surround him with talent. That was why he went to the Houston Rockets.

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