College Basketball Predictions Football Predictions.. What You Must Know About Sports Gambling

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    Nov 05, 2012
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No matter if you are unfamiliar with sports betting or a veteran aiming to improve your winning percentage with college basketball predictions, or any other sport for that matter, you will find a multitude of sites that claim to assist you with "locks" or "sure things" or "systems". Oftentimes they are accurate but sometimes (hence the word gambling) they simply don't pan out the way the pros predict.

These firms are generally looking at statistics. Statistics are a great help when you are trying to forecast just how one team will compare against another. Utilizing the past to help predict the future doesn't always work though. Simply because these sports are played by humans who have the ability to gain knowledge from past mistakes and correct them.

So, is it possible to generate an income on sports betting? The quick answer is YES. But how, you ask? Well I wish it were as easy as many make it out to be. There are some impressive websites that will help you out. Towards the end of the article I will leave you with some links that have worked out for me. But for now I would like to talk about something the majority of them don't tell you about, and that's bankroll management. Bankroll management is just as as crucial as what team is going to cover or where the big upset of the week is going to occur.

Similar to other investing (or most anything for that matter) putting all your eggs in one basket isn't a prudent strategy. And yet I see and speak with so many people who have bet the ten team parlay just to see one spoil the whole bet for them. I'm not stating that a parlay is evil or that they're bad at all. What I'm trying to covey is that placing your weekly wagering bankroll on a parlay exclusively is not an intelligent decision.

Spreading your wagers out over a handful of games that week is a far better strategy than lumping them all into one pick. I have found even spreading out the loot over different sports helps keep my focus and keeps "feelings or emotions" out of the equation.

If you choose to use a sports pick website that can help you compile all the data that is needed to make more educated picks than I recommend that you choose a firm that provides you with dependable and accurate information as to why they are recommending you this pick. Of course they are not going to reveal their proprietary Euclidian, Pythagorean equation, but just a little something as to why they believe these (college basketball predictions) are a good choice is nice to have.

In conclusion I would like wish you luck should you choose to decide to venture into the world of sports betting. It will be a very thrilling experience, a way to make some extra cash, and a way to spice up games that would otherwise not be particularly interesting to you. So good luck, and like your parents used to preach. DO YOUR HOMEWORK

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