The Pacers on Their December Campaign

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    Dec 15, 2013
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The Pacers on Their December Campaign Photo by Lemmy Morrie

After becoming the team to have the best start to the season, the Indiana Pacers still had many doubters questioning how good the team truly was due to the easy schedule for the team. Their 9-0 record were mostly against teams who are out of the playoff picture as of now. So, I have to say that the arguments questioning the legitimacy of their good start certainly had some bearing.

However, the recent road trip by the team to start the month of December and the success they had from it pretty much proves just how good of a team they are. On December 1, they visited and beat the Los Angeles Clippers.  Although they did lose the next night on December 2 against the western conference leader Portland Trailblazers, it was a pretty close game wherein the played very well. It just so happened that the Trailblazers played a little bit better.

The December 4 win against the Utah Jazz isn't really that big of a deal due to the opponents being the Jazz. However, on December 7, they looked very impressive when they gave the San Antonio Spurs a good beating in their own court. The next night on December 8, they were the ones on the receiving end of a blowout when they played against a rested Thunder team. They were able to bounce back from the lost quite well as they beat the  visiting Heat two nights later on December 10.

Overall, it was a good stretch for the Pacers whose loses were against the best teams and on the second night of back-to-back schedules. Aside from the wins, what's more encouraging about their early December campaign is the way they played.

Against the Clippers, they were able to dictate the tempo of the game despite the game being a bit close. In the lost against the Trailblazers, Paul George was able to showcase just what he can do as he generated the offense for the team. Against the Spurs, their defense was able to stifle the renowned ball-movement of the opponents and had pretty good offensive possessions. Against the Heat, they were able to recover from a slow start and won the game coming from behind. The blowout lost against the Thunder was the only hitch in the their recent stretch.

Anyways, the answer of whether the Pacers are legit or not is quite obvious now, is it not?

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