NBA: Early Season Chaos in New York

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    Nov 23, 2013
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NBA: Early Season Chaos in New York Photo by Lemmy Morrie

Before the NBA season started, there were plenty of talks surrounding the two teams in New York. With the Knicks having a relatively successful previous season the Nets having made a big-time trade that netted them some big-named veterans from Boston, there were plenty of discussions about the two teams being potential contenders and the inevitable rivalry between them that was fueled by some war of words as a result of the players on either teams staking claim to the city.

On paper, all those talks seem to have made sense as both teams certainly had the talent to be great. However, just a little over 3 weeks into the season, it has been an utter chaos in New York.

Current Situation

The Knicks and the Nets havebeen horrendous thus far, both sporting 3-8 record and are tied for the second worst in the eastern conference. Although it is still early in the season, many fans are already talking about pressing the panic button for both teams. Trades and coach firing are two talking points that are becoming too common these past few games.

Same Predicament, Same Reasons, Cloudy Future

Both teams are struggling on offense right now and they have no defense to make up for it. Looking at the Nets, their offensive problem is easy to understand with the team still trying out to figure out where the offense has to go through its roster that is filled with big-named players. The Knicks, on the other hand, is kind of surprising. They were one of the better offensive teams last season and they have the same core of players right now. It's like their ability to hit shots got stolen over the off-season.

Although the offensive woes are definitely a big factor to their pathetic records, they shouldn't be in such predicament if only they played a solid defense. This is not to say that they need to be one of the best defensive teams. As of now, they just aren't playing defense up to their potential.

The Nets who have added veterans with championship experience are making plenty of miscues on defense. The Knicks, on the other hand, are sending a lineups that just have no way of offering defensive resistance. It is hard for both teams to offer any excuse when fans are witness to how they are playing poor defense. Perhaps they can place the blame to the injuries, but I doubt the return of one or two players for these teams are going to change the entire way they play.

If they want to bring some order in this chaos, both teams need to bring real solutions to real problems. Better schemes, improved communication and meaningful lineup adjustments  are a good start.

And no, players-only meetings are not real solutions.

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