Derrick Rose Might Never Be The Same

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    Nov 29, 2013
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Derrick Rose Might Never Be The Same Photo by Lemmy Morrie

Being a big sports fan, it is always maddening to see an athlete not reaching his full potential due to an injury. As someone who is a fan of multitude of sports, I have witnessed countless athletes with their careers ruined by injuries. While I am hoping for the best, this could be the case for Derrick Rose who after took more than a year off while recovering from an ACL injury, has had another injury that will take him out for the rest of the season.

As you might have known, the current franchise player of the Chicago Bulls has suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee. Rose underwent a surgery to have it repaired and the recovery time for such procedure last for around 6 months, basically taking him out of for the regular season. And even when the Bulls does reach the playoffs, I just can't see him being healthy enough to really help the team's chances. However, the woes of Rose' injury go beyond this season.

A resounding concern among basketball fans right now is whether Rose will ever be able to get back to his old form. There is the fear that Derrick Rose might never be the same again.

Both of his knees have already suffered some pretty serious injury. The left had an ACL tear and now, the right has a meniscus tear. Even though some players have returned from such injuries, the diminished explosiveness are noticeable. This is a serious problem for Rose whose effectiveness on the court has always depended on his speed and athleticism.

When it comes to his offensive game, he never had does nifty post-up or face-up moves. He is used to blowing by and jumping over his defenders and the injuries pretty much guarantees that he won't be able to do those things so much. Derrick Rose might never be the same again.

Although he could still have a fruitful career if he adjusts his game and learn some new moves, it is safe to say that his career has taken a different trajectory from what many expected.

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