SA Spurs Role Players Filling in for Slumping Core

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    Jan 18, 2014
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SA Spurs Role Players Filling in for Slumping Core Photo by Lemmy Morrie

The main core of the San Antonio Spurs have been in an offensive slump since the start of the season. The best players on the team from last year aren't having a such a good time this season.

Although shooting fairly well, point guard Tony Parker hasn't been as aggressive as he was last year when he took over games by himself when the team needed it. Tim Duncan who was amazingly consistent last year has been struggling to hit shots this season. Danny Green, the team's most reliable three-point shooter last season hasn't been very reliable. One night he is shooting lights out, the next he becomes ice cold. Kawhi Leonard is facing the same 3-point shooting woes as his percentage dipped down. Center Tiago Splitter has also regressed statistically, although much of it could be attributed to playing less minutes. Only Manu Ginobili who plays as the sixth man of the team has gotten better compared to last year.

Despite the slumping core, the Spurs still look in a pretty good position as they lead the western conference. This is all thanks to role players who have been filling in quite well for the main guys.

The team was relatively quiet in the off-season. The only significant move that they did during the summer was the signing of free agent guard Marco Belinelli who was expected to give the team an added depth and more options when it comes to playmaking. Marco has been a pleasant surprise for the Spurs as his scoring and playmaking has been much welcome as the main core of the team seems to be struggling so far this season.

However, Marco's bag of surprises is nothing compared to what Boris Diaw has brought this season. Boris has always been the good passer and defender but a passive offensive player. This year, he has scratched off that passive part of his game. He has been aggressive with getting his own shots and not settling for passes. He willingly puts the ball on the floor and uses his great ball handling skills and footwork for some nifty plays below the basket. if he is being guarded by a smaller player, you can be sure that he'll take advantage of such matchup. As such, he has become somewhat of go-to scorer that the team confidently relies on to make and take good shot opportunities.

Also worthy of getting mentioned is Patty Mills who spent most of last year waving towels in celebration but has now become the go-to backup point guard for the team.

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