Why Watch the Trailblazers in 2013-14?

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    Aug 21, 2013
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Why Watch the Trailblazers in 2013-14? Photo by Lemmy Morrie

The NBA and its teams are very similar to the world of movies. Both primarily aims to provide entertainment. Great movies are memorialized while great players are enshrined. There are movies that are so bad that you just have to watch it. In the NBA, a basketball team that are so bad can still be worth watching. And I'm not only speaking for fans who watch and support their teams even in their worst of times.

If you are a fan of sport and all its intricacies or if you're betting on sports , knowing what makes a team bad can be just as important as knowing what makes a team good. Beyond the action that is going to take place on the court, it'll also be interesting to see the front office of teams trying to maneuver the team and taking steps to improve. I could probably cite more reasons to watch bad teams. Anyway, the bottom line is that during the course of the regular season, there will be nights when you just can't seem to find the usual entertaining and competitive matchup to watch.

So as you find yourself without a game to watch, you can try to watch some of these teams instead.


First and foremost, I have to say that I had a hard time deciding whether to include this team on the list or not. They are not bottom-dwellers. In fact, the team was quite competitive last season as they were one of the few teams that had a chance to make the playoffs in the ending weeks. So there's really no guarantee that they will be bad.

However, the huge improvements from other western conference teams make me believe that the team will themselves looking from the outside once the playoffs start next year. The last time I checked, the consensus was that any team that  didn't make playoffs can be considered as bad. While everything is open for an argument, for the purpose of the article, I am assuming that the matter regarding whether they are bad or not is settled.

So why watch the team?

Damian Lillard

He was impressive last season, leading the team from the point guard position and winning the rookie of the year for his outstanding play. He always had a surprise in store for the world of sports and betting  as there were several games wherein he just took control and changed the outcome that many expected.

However, I'd like to point out that he wasn't perfect per se. He didn't show much with regards to playmaking, but it is a part of what makes the team worth watching. I for one would like to see how he will be able to develop his game in his second year in the league.

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If you are a fan of basketball and all its intricacies or if you're betting on sports, knowing what makes a team bad can be just as important as knowing what makes a team good. In a way, sports and betting can make team that is expected to be bad still worth watching.

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