Simple Tips to Eliminate, or Reduce your Back Pain

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    Apr 10, 2013
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Fort Collins Back Pain
Fort Collins Back Pain
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Almost all of us have had back pain at one time or another, but some of us may find the pain much more difficult to cope with than others.

People that are active, and athletic are better off than the people that are non active. Because by not exercising regularly they may find it much more difficult to reduce the inflammation, and pain according to experts. Most pain does actually have some sort of inflammation, and by reducing the inflammation helps to reduce the pain.

Massage therapy can be effective for injuries, and is best if applied 24 to 48 hours after an injury. With ice massage therapy the cold causes the veins within the tissues to contract resulting in reduced circulation, and allowing the back pain to improve. Heat therapy such as heat pads, heating wraps, even hot baths can help by allowing healing as well as relief from the pain. Some people find that they have more relief from back pain with heat (either in moist, or dry heat) while others find ice to work better.

If people control their weight, and keep it within 10 pounds of their perfect weight it may also help to control pain as well.

In addition people should stop smoking if they are indeed a smoker, for smokers are acceptable to back pain because smoking actually stops some of the nutrient in the blood, and to the spinal discs.

For people to sleep on a firm mattress can help significantly to eliminate the pain. They can also put a pillow between their knees keeping the spine in a position to relieve strain as well as pain on the back. But by sleeping on their stomach it can add to the discomfort, and pain. If they are still in need of help in order to sleep, and to also reduce pain they can put a pillow under their hips.

A straight back chair, or a chair with lower back support can help by keeping the knees slightly higher than the hips when sitting.

Now when lifting objects people should do so only by bending their knees, and by squatting to prevent possible pain. The incorrect way to lift is to bend from the waist to lift heavy items.

Rub on ointments, and creams can also be helpful when applied to the skin for relief of muscle aches, and pains.

For additional remedies, and medications consult a doctor for relief of any back pain.

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